How do you choose between a coach, a course, or a mastermind? In this episode, Tonya shares tips, tricks and tools to help you decide which is right for you.

And maybe you feel like you need all three – she’s got an answer for that too!


If you’ve been in business for a few years and have hit a plateau, you’re ready to make more money, and you’re stuck, Tonya Rineer’s Profit Party Academy is designed specifically for you. She wants to help you break down limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to set you up to rock in your business.

The group academy will be a mix of group calls, mastermind and calls with Tonya. If you want more information, RSVP for her Profit Party Academy.


1:58 How to choose the right coach, course or mastermind. Tonya has the tips, tools, and tactics for making the right choice.

2:20 The whole process of growing your business can be looked at like going back to school. You only know what you know and you have to bring in help.

3:28 How do you choose the right one because there are so many options. When Tonya came into the online space having run a successful brick and mortar, and after having invested in various courses, she invested in a coach.

5:42 Think of getting started in business like getting ready for college. When you’re picking classes, you need a guidance counselor. Think of a business coach like a counselor. Pick a coach that you have good chemistry with and you can share life with them.

Look for a coach who has experience in the field you want to pursue. Also look for someone who you like what they’re doing and it feels authentic, matches your values and you want to learn how they are running their business. You want to feel like you’re being held accountable.

Before you invest thousands in courses, invest in a coach.

11:12 Courses are an amazing supplement to your journey as an entrepreneur. They’ll help you fill in the gaps to where your strengths are and where you could build up your weaknesses. But, you have to say no when you aren’t at that particular spot yet.

12:50 Just because you have the strategy for your business, you need to apply mindset in your journey. As we’re building this strategy and plan, we know what we should be doing, but we don’t do it. Usually, that’s because we’re afraid and we’re second guessing ourselves. We throw money at a course because we think that will help us feel ready. We need to do the mindset work to figure out what we’re afraid of and we can build up ourselves through that work.

16:06 Masterminds are a great way to put what you know into practice and build on your skills. They can be seen as an alumni group for college. You want a mastermind that is tailored to your business a little bit. You want to collaborate and brainstorm for your business. It’s also a great place to network.

17:15 What happens if you feel like you need a coach, a course and a mastermind. There are hybrid programs out there like the Profit Party Academy. There’s going to be lessons, hot seats, and coaching.

18:50 Perspective clients are looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to coaches. If you’re going to college, do you want to learn from the same professor, do you want to learn from one professor, probably not. Learning from multiple people will benefit you. If you hire a coach, have a plan and figure out what exactly it is you want to learn from them.

20:50 How Tonya works with her clients to set them up for success and then have them move on to the next best person for them. This is why she’s constantly growing her network of resources so that it’s not just about her, it’s about what comes next for her clients. She makes referrals for her clients.

22:42 Before hiring a coach, do some clarity work.

Ask what you want to do. Money isn’t an issue here.

Who do you want to work with and who is not your ideal client?

Where are your clients? This is more than what social media platform they are on, but where are they in life and where are they in their business journey.

When do they need you?

How do they want to work with you? This is tailoring your low-risk offer to get into their mindset.

After you’ve done this, tune into how you’re feeling about it. How does the information make you feel? Decide I am the person to do this for them. Do you know what it’s worth to them? Pick a price, if it’s too high or too low, if that makes you anxious, then talk to Tonya who might be able to help. Or the Profit Party Academy might be a good fit for you.

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  • Tonya has the tips, tools, and tactics for making the right choice for choosing a coach, course or mastermind.
  • Think of getting started in business like getting ready for college.
  • What happens if you feel like you need a coach, a course and a mastermind.
  • The Profit Party Academy.
  • Before hiring a coach, do some clarity work.


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<Having a coach, learning from a course or taking part of a mastermind are great for your business, but what do you need in your life? Are you feeling confused as to which is the right choice? Check out this episode for information.>
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