Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the things that are holding us back. Did you know that there are four emotions evoked through the money block process?

Find out from me, Tonya Rineer, how to move past your money blocks and into abundance.


0:17 I’d love to have a little chat with you about your money blocks. Are you embracing them? Are you hanging on to them without even knowing it? Sometimes we hang on to things that are toxic.

1:18 We hang on to things that aren’t serving us anymore. We get rid of buzz kills that don’t pick us up and make us feel good.

1:54 Marie Kondo has you hold things in your hand and ask “does this make me feel good.” How do you identify those things we hang on to? Let’s talk about it.

2:32 Anytime we hang on to something that doesn’t serve us it’s because it’s comfortable or there’s a little bit of hope. Although you’re not happy where you’re at, it’s comfortable. You choose where you’re at in this relationship as an alternative situation that it could be worse.

3:35 What you are avoiding are four emotions: uncertainty, boredom, significance, and love and connection.

4:30 Our subconscious protects us from uncertainty because it’s been programmed hundreds of years ago. It’s keeping us in our safety zone.

5:05 Our minds, because they want us to feel a little adrenaline once in a while, as entrepreneurs, we love to have that adrenaline. You might lose interest in things, you don’t finish things and maybe you’ve grown during the process and you decide that your thing isn’t good enough so you don’t finish it.

6:55 The need for significance and we want people to desire us. We don’t want to feel like we aren’t good enough. That’s where imposter syndrome comes up and we start to feel like we’re walking out of our comfort zone. Your comfort zone is where you feel like people know that you’re reputable. But when you start walking into different things, that’s where you worry that people don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

9:00 Significance also makes us worry about growing.

9:18 The need for love and connection can be traced back to the fact that we’re tribe animals. We need that connection to people. We need that sense of belonging and fitting in. I’ve always had a hard time fitting in and this pulls at my heart when people have money blocks because they don’t want to stand out and be different.

11:27 The fear of being different really comes into play when it comes to tooting your own horn. Why do you have such a hard time of putting yourself out there? Because you don’t want to make someone else feel bad. It goes back to significance and the need for significance. Our subconscious mind is protecting us from putting distance between those people and losing that connection. We’re programmed to not lose those connections.

13:56 Outside of the box is where the magic happens. You can step off the ledge with the intention to serve and give and create an impact. The universe will help you in your endeavors when they are well intended.

14:37 What is keeping you from stepping out there and growing your business? If you need help, come over to our Facebook community and get help.

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  • We hang on to things that aren’t serving us anymore.
  • What you are avoiding when you hold on to things are four emotions: uncertainty, boredom, significance, and love and connection.
  • Outside of the box is where the magic happens.


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<Money blocks are sometimes hidden, and there's a lot of emotion around what's holding us back. Let's dive into them in this podcast episode.>
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