As creative entrepreneurs, we’d all much rather focus on the “fun stuff” in our businesses. Working on client projects is so much more appealing than reading profit and loss statements, handling the books or creating budgets, right? I’m with ya!

But the reality is… if we’re not doing these things we could actually be hurting ourselves. And in some cases, we might find that we’re actually losing money at the end of the year. (I’ve been there!) So take it from me… it’s not worth losing money! Do this work and make sure that you’re not only coming out ahead, but that you’re also making a healthy profit.

It’s not as scary as you might think and it doesn’t’ have to be crazy boring either. It’s just a matter of paying attention. I explain more here:

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Your relationship with money is super important in the outcome of your profit in business. If you want to level up your money mindset and start attracting more abundance into your life, click HERE and learn the simple formula for making it all happen.

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