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 It's more than a BOOK. It's an active JOURNEY

The Mindset Switch takes you on a step-by-step journey to declutter your limiting beliefs so you can start living the best version of you possible. 

I’m on a mission to help every woman in the world restore her belief in what’s possible. 

You have beliefs living inside of you right this second that are actually preventing you from living the life you dream of. (Yes – the limitations are inside of you, not somewhere flying around in your circumstances!) But, since it’s nearly impossible to simply change a core belief, you have to work from the outside in.

The Mindset Switch walks you through how to shift your words, thoughts, and feelings in order to eventually get to those pesky core beliefs that are messing with you.


If you feel like you have taken every last bit of advice and things still aren’t changing, it’s time to massively shift something inside of you. And that, my friend, is exactly what The Mindset Switch does for you.
"After reading this book, I now understand HOW to change my mindset for good. It's a must read for any entrepreneur!"

-Tiffany Cavegn
Kids Cooking School
"There are too many books these days that tell you what to do but not how to do it. This is the best of all worlds."

-Sharissa Bradley
Independence Through Nutrition
"Before reading this book, I had self doubt and criticized myself way too much. This book changed that!  It’s definitely a must read!!!"

-Judy Mannino
Judy's Custom Draperies
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Tonya Rineer, Money Mindset Maven
It’s one of those “simple, but not so easy” scenarios

After years of studying mindset texts, and discovering that repeating affirmations over and over again just does't work, I decided I needed a system. Something I could repeat over and over and get results. Because, girl – I was just as frustrated as you are right now when I read stuff that told me to go breathe on my meditation pillow and hope that my life changes.

Uh…yeah, that’s not helpful.

I’m an action-taker. So I took the tools and processes that I knew worked and designed a process that is simple to implement. (While it is simple, it won’t be “easy” at first. It does take a little practice.) But it works! Like gangbusters! I use this process in my own life and have taught dozens of clients and students how to do it, too!

The Mindset Switch will walk you through how to understand mindset work and how to make it work for you! With a ton of practical examples, activities and a workbook, this is not a sit-on-your-couch kind of thing! It's an active journey that teaches you what you need to rock your mindset and take your life to the next level. 

Remember – the only way to make your mindset start working for you is to take action.  

But you don’t need to take action alone.
You're ready for the next step. Let's take it together!