Are you attached to needing money? Do you feel worried or joyful when you think about money? That’s bad!

If you put too much emphasis on your attachment to money, your vibe suffers because you are desperate. You are allowing money to control your frequency and you’re giving your power away.

It’s a trap and it is hard to let go. But I’m going to show you how to detach from that emotion today.


Do you know the song “Just hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling to tightly, you’re gonna lose control”?

That’s how you’re going to feel about money when we’re done with this episode.

Why We Attach Emotion to Money

We are never taught how to detach from the need to control or have money. Controlling it is healthy to an extent like you want to control your children as a parent.

Think back to your childhood, what was your family’s relationship with money? What about with earning?

We recently had this discussion in the Money Vibes Bootcamp group. Some of the women really realized that money was not an acceptable topic of conversation and that it was considered rude to ask.

There’s this inherent assumption if it’s not openly discussed or talked about, it’s not for you and you’re being rude if you bring it up. There is shame attached to it.

Numbers Scare People

What it comes down to is that numbers scare people.

Numbers are what create your rank in life and in our culture and society we attribute financial income to social status. It is the precise reason people have more debt than savings. It’s the reason why so many people struggle to retire or take off nights, weekends and holidays.

We’re all trying to get ahead and keep up with the Joneses and portray ourselves as being more successful than we are. We make ourselves uncomfortable in the process.

Detach Emotion From It

It boils down to our attachment to all of these things. I encourage you to keep striving for more and dreaming big.

Before you can amass extreme success is the detachment from it. Desire is fine, obsession is not. When we are ashamed of it, we attach to a low vibe.

On the emotional scale, doubt, worry, obsession, etc rank at a 3 or below that is not conducive to high vibe manifestation and calling in the cash money.  We want you to be at a 10 vibing with love, freedom and joy.

When you operate at a 3, you can’t be at a 10.

How to Detach

Baby steps and practice. Practice having conversations about money. This will be difficult at first. If you have difficulty discussing money, you will struggle with charging your worth.

It’s scary when we start to go down the rabbit hole, but these are all things we uncover when we start to have conversations about money.

Start with conversations on the surface level – discussing what things cost. Go to a restaurant and see that it says “market price” and ask what the cost is today.

Ask about pricing without fear and shame. You’re pretending it’s a possibility for you, even if it isn’t. You’re releasing the obligation to buy. Talk about sales and specials. Talk about buying things at full price without being apologetic.

Start talking about other people’s salaries with detachment, like the sports players. Can you sit back and observe the conversation without absorbing and making it about you and comparing?

Let’s Chat More

Head on over to the Facebook Group and share with us the baby steps you are taking to detach your emotions in money conversations.

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  • 0:47 Are you attached to the emotion that money brings to you? Are you desperate for it? Are you longing and lusting after it? Are you constantly obsessing over it and the lack of it?
  • 1:17 When we put too much emphasis on money, we are attached to it and we are focusing so heavily on how we are going to get it. Our vibe becomes dependent on it.
  • 5:14 Numbers scare people. They threaten our ability to fit in and blend and meet the status quo.
  • 12:11 Can you start to have money conversations that feel so breezy that they have the same emotional attachment to you as when you talk about what you had for breakfast?
  • 12:41 It’s baby steps that raise your vibe. It’s practice. It’s incorporating these habits daily.


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