Hi! I'm Tonya, Money Mindset Maven, Founder of the Profit Party Academy and host of the Profit Party Podcast. 

I've worked with women entrepreneurs all over the world, and one thing I know for sure is this:


You've got a passion for helping people and a desire to serve. And you've got a great idea. But...
You're still not making money (or at least not enough money). 

And when you try to figure out what that ONE thing is that you "should" be doing, 
You're so overwlemed that you just end up frusterated. 

What do you REALLY need to do to move your business forward? 
And what is REALLY stopping you from making it happen?

I'd love to help you figure that out! 
Let's hop on a 30-minute call and get to know each other a little bit. 

You can tell me all about your business and your struggles. 
And I'll give you the best advice I can to help you take that next step. 

This call is my gift to you, as a member of the Women's Empowerment Summit!
(If, after we talk, you'd like to go deeper, or discuss us working together, we can certainly schedule a future call to do that, too!)
I'm excited to "Meet" you, and help you take the next steps!
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