Today on the blog, we’re identifying a step you can do today to make it a little easier, and more comfortable to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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The first step in getting comfortable putting yourself out there is to get comfortable with being wrong.

Why? Because we’re constantly in a spirit of change, and to allow those changes to take place so we can grow and get better, we have to allow failure to take place.

Allowing yourself to open up and be vulnerable, especially in front of others, is hard! It’s something I myself am learning how to do.

Start by allowing yourself to open up and become vulnerable in environments where you’ll be received with love and support. This will help you ease into feeling all those uncomfortable emotions. 

I hate being wrong! But I’m always working on my mindset and personal development. And I’ve realized that this is an area I need to work on, so I’ve been “practicing” at home.

Going BIG Starts at Home

I’ve always been terrible of allowing myself to fail in front of my husband. So, I thought this would be a good place to start. After 15 years of marriage, I’ve only admitted being wrong about 7-8 times. So, on purpose, I’ve been looking for opportunities to admit to him that, “yes, honey you’re right, and I’m wrong.”

I’ve realized how important it is to vocalize this failure. Of course, my husband has been shocked by my new behavior, but I can already see the positive difference it’s made. Our relationship is stronger and practicing being wrong is helping me to bounce back from failures faster. 

I understand that as I’m growing my business, I’ll be getting up in front of hundreds of people and there will be times when things don’t go perfectly. I fear not having the answers, failing and embarrassing myself miserably.

If I really want to help people, I have to learn to be okay with putting myself “out there” and messing up! 

This year, while working with the Improv HQ gals, I learned that every failure offers an opportunity to make yourself better. Without those failures, we’d never have a chance to learn.

We should always be looking for opportunities that push us beyond our comfort zone and give us an opportunity to learn.

And when we than happens, celebrate!

Practice this at the end of the each day. It will give you an opportunity to reflect on the day and learn from those moments of failure.

Look for those moments of failure on purpose. Uncover the lesson. You’ll start to shift your perspective and see each failure as an opportunity to become better than you already are. And instead of fearing failure, you might even to look forward to it!

Action Steps

Grab a notebook or journal and place it on your bed as a reminder to do the following exercise:

  1. Each night, take five minutes to reflect on your day.
    • What mistakes did you make?
    • Did anything happen that made you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed?
    • Were there negative emotions that surfaced throughout your day?
  2. Write down what comes up for you. Then, write down how you reacted to that situation and those emotions. What was the lesson? What can you do differently next time?
  3. And remember… whatever happened- good or bad- as long as you learned something, that’s a win! Celebrate it!

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