I absolutely love girl get-togethers, but not the super girly makeup-y ones. I’ve always been a tomboy but just I love being around a powerful group of women.

There’s something so different about being surrounded by visionaries and dreamers like you that want to impact the world without being catty or having ego problems. The embrace you for your flaws, quirks, and strength.

That is the feeling you get when you attend a mindset retreat.


Female energy has ruled the world for as long as we have been walking this planet. Take a look at our earliest artwork and you will see how influential female power is. That power is why a mindset retreat is so transformational. Here are four things that will happen when you attend a mindset retreat.

You Will Literally Take a Break From Reality

Taking a break and doing mindset work where you are immersed in an environment where it is encouraged to relax into yourself and where you can think comfortably without interruption is the basis of a mindset retreat. You are able to acknowledge the way you feel and really allow the answers to flow out of you and through you. It allows you the opportunity to open up to possibilities that you were blocking before.

Attending a mindset retreat creates a space for yourself to process and find your clarity.

At a mindset retreat, you are not learning or processing someone else’s ideas. There might be a little bit of feedback and opening of your mind, but it is more about awareness and giving yourself an opportunity to process what’s inside.

You Tune into Yourself

You get so much that you walk away speaking the language of your body and understanding your language. At a mindset retreat you are brushing up on your language of intuitive speak.

Imagine that you left your country and went to a different country and lived there for 2 years. Of course, you will come back speaking that language. A mindset retreat works quite a bit quicker. It will equip you with the skills to tune out all of the stuff and to take the step even if it is scary to take the right now.

You Will Love The Vibe

The energy at a mindset retreat is electric. We know our vibe attracts our tribe. At a mindset retreat, there is no negativity pulling your down, but instead, an amazing energy that lifts you up and supports you.

For many of us who have friends and colleagues that we meet online and then later meet in person,  the connection is in a completely different way. There is so much more charge. It’s like that connection never really goes away.

You Will Shed the Mask

Attending an event where everyone has a similar goal, mission or purpose helps you to shed your mask. For example, at the Profit Party Retreat,  we are all entrepreneurs.

When you hear the stories of others and their transformations or ability to overcome, you realize the power of getting support in an atmosphere like this. You’re fellow women have got you.

I’d like to invite you to The Profit Party Retreat in  April! You can find out more details here.

If you can’t make it to the Profit Party retreat, find one that feels good to you and book it. Don’t allow yourself time to talk yourself out of attending a mindset retreat.

Let’s Chat More

Head on over to the Facebook Group and let us know if you have ever been to a mindset retreat and why you would love to go to one!

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  • 0:53 There is something so different about a vibe put off by a confident powerful woman.
  • 5:15 When you create the space to really tune into yourself and lean into how you feel and you open yourself up to the universe,  the clarity you receive as a result is transformational.


Join me at the Profit Party Retreat in April!

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