We all have good days and bad days. Sometimes we feel like we’re on fire and other days its a struggle just to keep from crying. You know, the days when nothing seems to go our way and we just want to run away from the world.

When those bad days hit, it’s easy to let them bring us down and start second guessing how amazing we really are. And you know what happens when we do that right? We end up going down that rabbit hole of guilt and shame. Ugh!

If you really want to be successful (and rich), you’re gonna have to learn to combat those nasty thoughts the minute they start to creep in and threaten your positive vibes.

It’s a simple shift in mindset. But just sitting there wishing you felt better won’t work. You actually have to get your butt moving! Immersing yourself in physical activity that “feels” good is a clever way of tricking your brain into thinking it’s happy. And we all know, when we’re really happy, we’re more confident. Here are a few easy tricks to try:

1. Walk like you own the place

When I was really young, I remember being at the mall with my mom, eating a pretzel with cream cheese and people watching. She pointed out a lady who was walking tall and proud and said to me, “That woman has confidence. That looks classy on a women.” Then proceeded to point out the difference in women who walked with their shoulders hunched and eyes cast down. And even as a small girl, I could see the difference. That was my first lesson in confidence. Walk tall and proud- always and no matter what. My secret: when I’m not feeling particularly confident, wherever I am, I pretend that I own the place. It works every time!

2. Put on something sexy

When you look good, you feel good. There will always be things about ourselves that we can pick apart and complain about. I’m willing to bet that even Giselle complains to Tom about her big butt or cellulite from time to time. We’re women. We do that! But instead of focusing on the negative focus on what is positive when you look in the mirror. Admire the beauty and characteristics that make you unique. And then dress that body in something that accentuates those amazing characteristics. If you don’t feel like a million bucks in it, don’t wear it. And if it’s time to buy yourself something new, just for this reason, well then, get in your car right now and go shopping! Don’t waste another day feeling less beautiful and fantastic than you are!

3. Create a power playlist

Mine is called Girl Power. It’s a playlist of all the songs that make me feel like I’m unstoppable. These are my “Pump me Up” songs that I play on the way to speaking engagements, or when I’m about to walk into a social situation that I know is going to feel uncomfortable. It’s the power music that reminds me that I am amazing and can do anything. Every girl should have one!

4. Call Your BFF

You know the one. The one who will always answer the phone when she sees you on her caller id. The one who always will lift you up when you’re feeling down. The one who will smack you through the phone when you’re feeling sorry for yourself instead of getting back on your feet to keep pushing forward. The one who cheers you on and supports you no matter what you do. She’s your lifesaver, your rock. Her number should be stored in your favorites. Anytime you’re lacking confidence, call her and get in a 5-minute “pep talk”. She’ll remind you of all the reasons why your special and by the end of the call you’ll feel fueled up and ready to rock!

5. Write in your journal

Keeping a journal isn’t just for keeping track of your daily activities. It’s a place to track your successes as journey through life. It holds your story. And keeps a record of all of your triumphs and achievements. It’s a place for you to go and reflect on all of the success you’ve had and the to really take inventory of the mountain you’ve climbed to get where you are. Looking back, you’ll see you’ve come a long long way. Regardless of where you started originally, it’s been one hell of a journey! Be proud of that!

6. Keep a mood journal

As women, our moods fluctuate. We can feel high on life one day and down in the dumps the next. If life throws us a curveball during one of those down days, it’s easy to take it personal and feel defeated. However, if we’ve done a good job at journaling our mood, we’ll often notice a pattern and when that curveball hits us square in the face, we can look at our mood journal and see that we are in a low period and have the confidence in knowing that things probably aren’t as bad as they seem and that these feelings will soon pass. And it’s not just someone blowing smoke, you’ll know it for sure. That’s powerful!

7. Rock your affirmations

This is something that you should do daily. Multiple times a day if possible. Why? Well, you’ve heard the saying, “If you tell a lie enough times, it will eventually feel true”, right? Well, that’s true for anything you tell yourself. Repeat your affirmations enough and eventually they will feel like the ultimate truth. So if what you say becomes truth, why say bad things? Your future is determined by how you talk to yourself. So be nice!

8. Take a time out for Visualization

If you have to drive from Las Vegas to Ann Arbor, but have no idea how to get there, how confident are you that you can do it? Would you feel more confident if you had a map or a GPS? Think of visualization as your map to life. It allows you to look ahead and decide which direction you’re going to take, even before you ever leave. It’s a powerful tool to use daily just to feel more confident about the day ahead just as it is for big picture goals. The key is to start small and keep practicing. It takes time to master it but it’s incredibly effective in boosting confidence in any situation!

9. Smile

Smiling genuinely at someone is sure to encourage a smile back. It is a simple act that lasts only a moment but has the power to drastically transform the energy in a room, lighten your mood and make you feel more comfortable. In order to feel confident, you have to be comfortable. Smiling is always a start!

10. Exercise

It doesn’t have to be intense or crazy. Just do something to get your heart rate up. Exercise forces your body to release endorphins which give you a natural high. You’ll feel powerful, energized and ready to conquer the world!

11. Flirt.

A little innocent flirting never hurt anyone. Go ahead an flash that million dollar smile. Bat those beautiful eyelashes. And let him flirt back- just a little. You’ll walk away feeling like, “Oh, yeah! I’ve still got it!” And what makes you feel better than that?

12. Do something scary

Step outside of your comfort zone just a little bit. If you normally grab drive-through and eat in your car, instead go into a sit down restaurant and ask for a table for one. If that’s not scary enough, then walk over to someone who is eating alone, strike up a conversation and ask if you can join them. I was joined by a man once at a Panera Bread that definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone. But it turned out to be one of the most memorable experience of my life. You can read about it here. Not only does stepping outside your zone of comfort help to boost your confidence, it will open the door to new opportunities and teach you thing about yourself you never knew. It’s a tiny bit scary, sure, but it’s always exciting!

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13. Compliment someone

It’s the simplest gift you can give someone. Make sure the compliment is genuine and feels natural. (Don’t fake a complement just for the sake of giving one). The simple gesture will brighten the recipients day and make them feel more confident. The best way to get something is to first give that very thing away. That holds true for confidence too. Give the gift of confidence to others, and in return, you shall receive it!

14. Do something productive

Productivity boosts confidence. It is our way of proving to ourself that we are capable and provides us with a sense of accomplishment and value. Keep this feeling alive by setting yourself up for success daily. If you’re aiming for a weekly goal, break that down into daily mini-goals giving yourself a reason to celebrate every day. You’re setting yourself up to win- on purpose. Who doesn’t love the feeling of winning? The only thing better than winning once or twice is being on a winning streak!

15. Meditate

A few minutes of silence to concentrate on your breathing and reconnect with the Universe, and your inner truth, can do wonders for your frame of mind, your mood and your well-being! Just sit someplace in a comfortable position (it doesn’t matter where), close your eyes and breathe. Focus on relaxing your body, tuning in to how you feel and just being in the moment. If you need an extra boost, go through your affirmations in your mind, or say them aloud. Do this until you feel a boost of energy and a lift in your spirit. I love doing this as a way to recenter myself anytime I’m not feeling connected to my hightest self. All it takes is a few minutes to have me feeling awesome!

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