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Are you feeling stuck in a business that others would call successful,
but that is wearing you down day-to-day?

Do you feel like you’re wearing a mask,
trying to live up to the world’s expectations?

Do you dream of making great money
while feeling truly fulfilled by your life and business?


Well, friend, you are in the right place.

Hey, beautiful! 

I’m Tonya Rineer, a mindset maven for ambitious women entrepreneurs who are tired of filling their mental to-do lists with all the things they “should” be doing and just want to get back to a business and life that actually feels good.

Because if you’re anything like me, I would bet that you started your business to have more freedom, to feel a sense of purpose—and, yes, to make great money in the process.

Yet somewhere along the way, the demands of client needs, growing your business, dealing with mom guilt, and “must-do” business strategies have been chipping away at the fulfillment you once felt—and now you’re wondering,

Why the f*** did I even start this business in the first place?!

Sound familiar? Girlfriend, I promise you are not alone!

In fact, I believe the secret to achieving your goals lies in not trying so damn hard to be what everyone else expects you to be and getting back to who you really are. 

I help coaches, consultants, and service-based business owners prioritize their goals and align their energy so that they can have the success they desire without the sacrifice.

If your ambitious energy is starting to feel more like anxiety, let’s realign that energy and channel it into abundance and get you back to feelings unstoppable!

If you’re ready to Raise Your Vibe, get back to loving your business and living the life you deserve, then stick around–this party’s just getting started.

I’m glad the Universe Brought Us Together!


I truly believe that the Universe will always guide you to where you’re supposed to be when the time is right.

You might know me as the Money Mindset gal and came here looking for advice on how to master your money mindset.  Or, you may have been referred here by a friend, we may have met on Facebook or at a live event or perhaps you read my book Mindset Switch or heard me on a podcast- whatever brought you here, I want you to know that I’m glad you came and I hope you stay awhile. I have lots of resources to help you Raise Your Vibe,  and take your business to the next level, so feel free to poke around, take what you need and make yourself at home. If there is something you need, but don’t see, email me at and I’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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Best Investment I've made!

I used to spend hours inside my own head circling around what I “should” be doing. I hated talking about money, asking for money, and had a hard time charging more than my peers. Now..I’m over it!!!

I have learned how to make strategic decisions that align with my highest purpose. I understand who I am and who I am not. I understand the value I bring with complete confidence that I am now charging almost double. I have a long-term business plan, I feel lighter, more confident, I have hours more free time, and, total bonus, I am so much happier!

Anyone can give you practical advice on what you need to grow a business, but not everyone can lift your vibration so high that you radiate success and happiness. That is Tonya’s magical gift!

-Patricia Fasciotti, The Wellness Concierge

Sometimes we just need help getting out of our own way!

“Tonya helped me realize that I have to get beyond my own limitations of what I think people are willing to pay, and see that there is so much value in what I do and that I CAN charge the rates that I need to in order to actually profit from my business. Sometimes we just need someone to help us get out of our own way for success.”

-Alexa Bigwarfe

I feel so much better about my life!

“Tonya is a ray of light and helped clear away the fog in my brain. I was struggling to figure out how to gain more visibility in my business in a way that comes natural to me. She listened to me share my struggles and my strengths and together, we came up with a brilliant strategy that made me feel energized and inspired to take action. I’ve made more connections with influencers, gotten more people to show up for my events, and overall I just FEEL so much better about my life!”

-Evangelia Leclaire, Career Coach

Abundance is Possible for Me!

“Tonya helped me out considerably in the ways I think about my business and my entrepreneurial journey, giving me specific ways to market my best services, to remember to keep going even when it feels frustrating and that abundance is possible for me! Tonya was a significant catalyst in me finally embracing the power of mindset!”

-Tara Bosler, T. Bosler Writing

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