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At the Profit Party, we love to help build your resources for running your business. One of the ways we do this is to share information. In this episode, we have Danielle Roberts who will be talking about onboarding a team member.

Danielle is a VA concierge for small business owners who is passionate about helping others grow their business through finding the right help for them. Her service offerings include small business growth strategy and consulting as well as traditional online business management services. She is married and a mom of three.


2:00 Danielle tells what she does and the role she plays as an Online Business Manager in her clients’ businesses.

2:54 Danielle answers the fear that business owners have when they think about hiring for their team.

3:45 The mindset block of adding to your business.

5:18 You are losing money by not adding to your team.

6:25 Onboarding a team member not only helps you make money, it also alleviates mental strain and gives business owners someone to help run their business.

8:30 Tonya and Danielle talk about the first steps in preparing to hire.

10:44 Hiring for a role or skill. Which one is better and how do you decide which one you should pursue.

12:20 Tips on hiring and how chemistry is key in building a team.

13:50 Danielle shares her backstory and how she started her business, Legacy Creative Company.

17:28 How Danielle’s mindset shifted and understanding her mindset block led to her raising her rates to be what her value is.

19:24 Lessons we can learn from listening to Danielle’s story. How we compare prices in our industries to set our prices, how confidence in yourself enhances your portrayal of value.

22:05 How breaking through the money mindset block has given Danielle hope for her goals she has made for 2017.

It feels so good to know that you're not by yourself anymore in running your business. #profitparty Click To Tweet


  • Any step forward in adding a team member is a move in the right direction.
  • It feels so good to know that you’re not by yourself anymore in running your business.
  • There has to be a mindset shift of realizing you’re not able to run your business by yourself.
  • You have to decide that you’re going to spend the money and make your first hire.
  • You have to invest in the right people who can do the tasks you can’t.


Danielle’s website

Danielle’s Facebook page

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Fun fact about Danielle: She lived in Mexico for a year and has an associates degree in Spanish.


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