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We’re diving into the topic of abundance.

What I’ve found in talking to women about abundance is words make a difference when you approach the topic of profit and abundance.

Listen to this podcast and examine what abundance means to you.


:38 Ask yourself what your profit goals are for your business.

1:03 Words used to describe abundance vary in the emotional triggers they produce.

1:30 What is your version of the perfect life? Tonya reads what others in her community have said.

2:36 Defining what you want in your idea of a perfect life is can help you to figure out what it is that abundance means to you.

2:52 Lindsey Ambrose’s defines abundance as goodness flowing through all areas of life.

3:36 Mary Sue Anderson doesn’t want to work because she has to, she wants to do it because she wants to. She wants freedom in her work.

4:20 Katlyn Hable wants to use abundance in order to give. She has so much love and joy to give others. Rich means no debt.

5:38 Rich and abundance in the perfect life, once you start to put them into context, mean freedom to live the life you want. You can make an impact in the world around us.

6:50 Why women sacrifice the freedom they want because they feel guilty or bad about wanting abundance.

8:55 What Tonya adds into her budget to help others along the way to meeting her financial goals.

Rich is amplifying goodness and allowing it to spread wiser. Click To Tweet


  • We, as entrepreneurs, create a self-imposed income ceiling.
  • Rich is amplifying goodness and allowing it to spread further.
  • Every step you take to get where you want to go in your profit goals, you can help others along the way.


Lindsay Ambrose – Every Day Every Mom

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<Abundance is important for small business owners. What does abundance mean to you?
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