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Having great team members and contractors is essential for every business, which is why in this episode, we get cozy with copywriter Tara Bosler. In addition to having great writing tips, Tara has broken through numerous money mindset blocks and she shares her triumphs with us.

Tara is a professional writer who creates awesome content for fellow mom entrepreneurs to free up more shine time for them in their life and biz. She lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with her amazing daughter and crazy dog and is most grateful for hot coffee.


1:33 Tara shares how she started copywriting for mom entrepreneurs and the journey that led her there.

3:46 Why Tara’s so passionate about empowering women.

5:32 You can create a life that is perfect for you and your family as a mom entrepreneur. It’s a space where they are re-writing the script on their own terms. I work to support women as they run their businesses.

7:03 Tara’s definition of abundance: it’s a choice you make and how you choose to see your life.

8:12 How Tara changed her mindset, having to break away from the mindset her parents had and change what she believed about money and abundance.

10: 37 Just because something works once, doesn’t mean it will happen all the time. You have to do things in business that resonate with you, not what resonates with everyone else.

11:52 The shift that took place in Tara’s life that allowed her to step into abundance.

14:27 There’s an art to allowing to let go. Tara sees both in the business owners she works with either in letting go of money or control.

17:04 Tips from Tara on working together with a copywriter and her process in working with clients.

21:00 Tara shares what she would look for in a potential hire and how to feel comfortable hiring a copywriter.

25:38 What super power Tara would have passed down to her younger self and how it would have changed her life.

Abundance: it's a choice you make and how you choose to see your life. Click To Tweet


  • Empowering women is what I love to do. – Tara
  • How Tara had to break away from her parents belief and step into abundance. – Tara
  • You have to do things in business that resonate with you, not what resonates with everyone else. – Tara
  • Anyone who decides to outsource in a business, you should. – Tara


Tara’s website

Tara’s Facebook page

Fun fact about Tara: My first concert was new kids on the block when I was 7 years old.


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