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Does it feel like you’re just not getting anywhere in your business and success is taking forever?

Tonya gives you reasons why your success might be taking a little longer and what you should do in the meantime.


0:21 What do you do when success is taking too long and the money doesn’t come fast enough? Tonya answers these questions that she’s gotten multiple times from her clients.

1:18 If you’re building a business online, it takes a little longer.

1:47 Meeting people in person helps build and establish relationships. In person relationships make it easier to build trust so when you’re building a business online, and that’s why it takes longer.

4:15 You have to take time to pause. When you’re hustling and pushing so hard, you push everything away, even the positive. Take time to reflect on what’s working and the feedback that others are taking. Be mindful of what your clients want, need and value. Allow yourself to receive and focus on celebrating the little wins.

6:58 Focus on what you want more of. If you want more clients, focus on the clients you already have. Continue to be in a place of positive thoughts rather than negative lacking.

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  • Be comfortable with it taking a little bit longer to build an online business.
  • Allowing yourself to receive what your business is bringing you.
  • Take time to reflect on what’s working and the feedback that others are taking.
  • Focus on what you want more of and stay positive.


Dana Malstaff – Boss Mom

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