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Procrastinating in business. Everyone does it. So where are you procrastinating? And how do you start moving forward? Tonya has practical applications to get you moving forward in your business and breaking through the mindset blocks you have.


If you’ve been in business for a few years and have hit a plateau, you’re ready to make more money, and you’re stuck, Tonya Rineer’s Profit Party Academy is designed specifically for you. She wants to help you break down limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to set you up to rock in your business.

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2:10 Why we procrastinate and a few things we can do to overcome it and make more money in our business.

2:38 Usually we avoid things because we want to avoid pain.

3:37 Facing the unknown, risks and staying in our safe place.

4:25 What are those things you’ve been avoiding. The big picture seems easy, but you’ve been putting those things off.

6:37 If you want to make money, you have to be willing to step outside of your safe place. Ask yourself if you’ve been procrastinating and making excuses in areas of business.

9:00 Do some reflection on what will happen if you address the points in your business you’re afraid of. Sometimes it’s better to play out the worst case scenario so you know what it could be like so your mind is prepared to handle it.

13:02 Pushing past your comfort zone and what will happen as you move forward in your business. Fears are so much worse in our heads when we go out do them.

13:39 Identifying the best case scenario. Visualize what that looks like in your life and allow yourself to become excited about it. You can compare the best case verses the worst case and push yourself a little bit.

14:48 Identify what it is that you need to do. This means looking at your goals. You can add these into your weekly schedule to mentally prepare and then move forward.

17:29 Ways you can pump yourself up for bit goals are tapping, practice affirmations or meditations around the thing, or get an accountability partner.

18:30 Tonya’s new Profit Party Academy will help you rock your business the next few months.

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  • Facing the unknown, risks and staying in our safe place.
  • Areas of business where you might be avoiding and how you can work through them.
  • Play out the worst case scenario so you know what it could be like so your mind is prepared to handle it.


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