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Money is something all business owners handle whether it’s analyzing profit, paying others or calculating taxes. Join Melissa and Tonya as they discuss best practices for handling money and gain tips from Melissa for maximizing you time by creating money systems.

Melissa Whaley is a licensed Tax Pro, Bookkeeper, and California girl. She help entrepreneurs karate chop their stress and get their finances in order. Melissa loves hanging out with friends over coffee and that’s what she wants my clients and students to experience. Grab a cup and let’s learn about the financial side of running your business with Melissa!


1:00 Melissa is joining Tonya to talk about the money side of business.

3:20 Melissa’s parents were both entrepreneurs and how money was growing up.

6:02 What Melissa has learned from her parents about money and about budgeting through maxing out credit cards and spending money in college.

10:29 How Melissa helps business owners to build the systems to track their money. Her sweet spot in helping them figure out where they’re spending money and then figuring out the puzzle of taxes.

12:41 Melissa’s favorite tools for working with money.

15:05 Easy tips and habits to implement that will make it easier to see what money is available for your business. A lot of times the systems Melissa uses can be overwhelming, but find a system that works for you.

20:25 Realize that you don’t have to do it all by yourself if you need help. You can also have an accountability partner who would check in with if you’re doing what you need to do.

22:20 How to set profit goals and how to meet them.

25:24 Advice from Melissa on taxes and tax season. The common questions she receives on deductions and the answers.

29:40 How Melissa works with tax clients and what she offers for her monthly clients.

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  • How Melissa learned from being in debt and how she started getting her finances under control.
  • Melissa’s favorite things about working with entrepreneurs and their money.
  • Make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to sit down and work on your business.
  • Evaluate your spending habits on a monthly basis.
  • How Melissa serves clients.


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<Gaining control of your finances so you can thrive in your business with Melissa Whaley>
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