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Legalizing your business is an important step, but one that is highly overlooked. Join Tonya with today’s guest, Autumn Boyd, as they talk about creating legal birth control for your business, before it’s too late.

Autumn is a lawyer who helps creative business owners protect their most valuable asset — their intellectual property.  She provides copyright and trademark strategy, contract negotiation, and problem solving.  Her favorite thing is helping creatives grow their dream business with smart collaborations and deals.  You can find Autumn in Chattanooga, TN hanging out with her three kids and husband, monogramming and putting glitter on anything that stays still, or sipping a glass of champagne after bedtime.  Autumn also hosts the Legal Road Map podcast, which teaches business owners how to protect their rights and stay out of hot water.


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3:06 Autumn’s college realization that she wasn’t cut out for being a singer or journalist and how she came to the realization that the way to live a happy life is figure out what you and enjoy and what you’re good at, and double down on that. Don’t try to achieve things that you could but that would be a struggle.

5:36 She figured out that she didn’t want to fight with other lawyers, and through her work with photographers and stock photography, changed to working for herself. She found the online community by happenstance and has been on her own for the last two years.

10:48 What it has been like for Autumn going out on her own, building her law firm, and adding a virtual assistant and systems to keep her business growing. She was worried that the revenue would keep coming in and worrying about making payments.

12:54 How Autumn prepared mentally and physically for maternity leave. She ran through the worst case scenario and realized that it would be okay in the end. She prepared her clients for her being gone at the end of her leave, and none of them left her.

17:20 She’s in a growth phase with new clients coming on and adding to her team.

18:56 When the right time to protect your business can be and when to talk with a lawyer. She suggests someone who is certain of their business plan and has been in business for a while. It’s possible to talk with a lawyer and talk about what is coming up, but it might not be necessary to spend thousands of dollars before you actually need to spend that money.

22:59 Milestones to talk with a lawyer are when you’re hiring your first contractor, if you’re opening a studio or have an office space you need to get protection or figure out if you have the right protection, and having contracts for business. Having a contract creates more freedom in your relationship because you already have it in writing.

27:55 Autumn has a 10 step process of things you can do to get your creative business legit. She’s also got a podcast where she talks about more legal information.

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  • Autumn’s journey to being a lawyer and finding what she loved doing.
  • How Autumn prepared mentally and physically for maternity leave and realized her businesss and life would be okay in the end.
  • Milestones to talk with a lawyer.
  • Contracts are the most important thing you can do for your business.
  • How you live your days will impact how you live your life.


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Autumn’s website for her free 10 step check list to legalize your business

Autumn’s Facebook page
Legal Road Map Podcast


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