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Branding is the heart of a great business and Samantha Johnston is a brand designer and strategist for female entrepreneurs. She is a bootstrappin’, pixie dust sprinklin’ brand developer for female entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to dig in and get their hands dirty. With strategy, design and web she helps determined, self-taught, lady bosses, like you, realize their dreams of building a business with style, personality & heart. She works with ladies around the world, helping them create professional brands that don’t break their budget or cause them to pull their hair out.

Her adoring fans and clients have called her “Tinkerbell with a whip. Great accountability sprinkled with pixie dust”, “[the] push outside my comfort zone” and “an incredible coach and friend.”

When she’s not working you can find her hanging out with her kids, 100 lb lap dog and husband (most likely on a soccer field or at the park).


0:40 Samantha Johnston works with female entrepreneurs to develop a fantastic first impression. She shares her experience dancing with Richard Simmons.

5:52 Samantha now spends time with her kids making last minute costumes and attending basketball.

9:33 Never finishing college has been a roadblock and limiting belief in Samantha’s business and charging her worth. She kept herself small and stayed with what felt comfortable and kept with those who she thought could afford her.

11:20 She tied her self-worth to being self-taught and thought that she couldn’t charge premium prices because she didn’t finish school. Recently that has changed as she’s let go of the limiting belief through realizing she can turn her story into a strength instead of a weakness.

13:52 The first time Samantha thought about letting go of the limiting belief, she was scared. After coffee chats with Tonya, Samantha sent a quote double of what she normally would charge it. Not having a piece of paper doesn’t mean that she couldn’t charge her worth.

17:15 Your value doesn’t come from the piece of paper or the credentials. Your value is determined by the results you deliver. And that’s what people pay for, they pay for the transformation.

18:21 Client relationships have greatly improved since she has raised her rates. She’s niched down and works with clients she loves. She’s taking the extra money and putting it back into providing better websites and giving fun client gifts. Her clients are happier and ones who shout from the rooftops about her services.

20:58 Samantha’s manifesto says that everyone deserves to have a happy wonderful life working at a job they love. This is what she wants to help people do.

22:08 How Samantha starts and creates her process of branding with new clients. She takes her clients to a deeper level by solidifying the personal side of the brand and what goes into it. She then goes into the brand and create the pretty graphics and add colors. She likes to help someone figure out their brand by asking interesting questions to figure out the heart of their business.

25:56 Tonya issues a challenge for listeners to give her the famous person and store that represents her business. The giveaway will take place in the Facebook group so if you aren’t in the Profit Party Community, come join the community.

28:13 When Tonya was creating the branding for her interior design company, she created a different persona for her business because she didn’t have a degree and was afraid that people would question her age and degree. Her new brand was created out of all her favorite things because that’s what she wants to portray.

30:56 A brand is a business with heart. Anyone can have a business, you can slap on a logo and call it a business. When you take the time to investigate what it is that you’re offering, those are the ones that last are the ones who add heart and bring people into the journey with them.

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  • Samantha’s limiting beliefs and how she’s overcome them.
  • Her movement manifesto.
  • How she works with clients to develop the heart of their business through branding.


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