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How does spending money on yourself make you feel? Tonya digs into why feelings are important when it comes to spending and how you can change your mindset through giving yourself an abundance allowance. Check out the episode as she coaches you through being okay with spending money on yourself.


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1:55 Do you spend money on yourself? If you do, how does it make you feel?

2:13 Why Tonya always asks how you feel. Why when you aren’t tuned into how you feel can get you into trouble.

3:43 Being afraid of spending money on yourself. Pay attention to how you feel in these situations.

5:00 In business, should you invest in certain situations. There should be things you should be spending on yourself and that make you feel good.

6:33 If something makes you feel decadent, you should be spending that money on yourself. It’s self-love and if you spend that on others, but not yourself, you’re telling yourself that you don’t allow that.

7:20 If you feel like you can’t spending money on yourself, give yourself an abundance allowance. Start small and give yourself $5. You’re getting into the habit of self-love and be in tune with yourself.

8:30 You have to be the one to start putting yourself first. And start showing yourself that you are important. Don’t just do things that only cost you time, spend money on yourself and indulge in that way.

9:27 What number feels comfortable to you. If it’s a number that’s uncomfortable, bring it down. However, if it’s a number that you could spend every day, then go up. When you get outside of your comfort zone, that’s a good amount where you give yourself permission to indulge and buy something impulsive.

11:36 Tonya’s challenge is to give yourself an allowance. If you want to continue this conversation with Tonya, leave a comment or find her on social media. Also, leave an ITunes review so others can find the podcast.

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  • Why Tonya always asks how you feel.
  • There should be things you should be spending on yourself and that make you feel good.
  • Give yourself permission to indulge.


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<Don't be afraid to spend money on yourself. Give yourself an allowance because you've earned your money.>
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