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Getting visibility and guest appearances on podcasts are a great way to grow your business, but do you know how to get booked? Tonya’s guest, Jessica Rhodes, is a master at this topic and we’re so excited for her to share her knowledge with us!

Jessica is the founder and CEO of InterviewConnections.com, the premier Guest Booking agency for podcasters and guest experts, and she is the acclaimed author of Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic!

Jessica is the host of Interview Connections TV, where each week she helps her viewers rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. She hosts/co-hosts three podcasts: Rhodes to Success, The Podcast Producers and The Parenting Rhodes. The Podcast Producers was selected by Apple as a “How to Podcast” show in iTunes and has also been included in the syllabus for a course about podcasting and audio journalism at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

Jessica is has been a speaker at Podcast Movement, Podfest.us and Dream Business Academy. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two kids.


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2:00 Tonya binge listened to Jessica’s podcast in order to learn everything she needed to know before starting the Profit Party podcast.

4:25 Before things were amazing, there were hiccups and there still are hiccups. Jessica shares her stories of bumps in the road and how she got started in her entrepreneur journey.

5:00 When Jessica got pregnant, she quit her job at a non-profit. Her dad told her about being a virtual assistant. Her dad was her first client. She didn’t think about how much money she needed to make when she quit her job.

8:30 Her and her husband made decisions to live the “perfect” lifestyle and found that it came with the high price tag. They had a lot of credit card debt and made changes since facing their debt 8-10 months ago. They started following Dave Ramsey’s plan to start cutting down on their debt.

10:00 The slippery slope of using credit cards. Jessica remembers getting her first credit card at her college. It’s an emotional roller coaster to build a business and not have the income and money to pay for things. You don’t want to not spend money because you feel like you’re on a money diet.

12:53 Four years is how long it takes to get money coming in, get the right team members and have momentum going in your business. Jessica feels like she’s at that point and it takes a while to get that business going. How well a business is going and what happens before the success

13:37 People see from the outside that the business is going well, but people don’t see how much the entrepreneur is paying themselves and what happens before the success. There’s so many changes that have to be made when you have a mindset shift when you decide not to buy things that you don’t need. It’s like going on a diet, it takes a bit see changes. You have to celebrate the little wins and build up for a big reward. For Jessica, paying off the debt and her reward will be getting a bathroom on her second floor.

15:45 Jessica started out as a virtual assistant for her dad. She checked links, categorized videos, client support, and Pinterest marketing. That’s when she started getting into the podcast booking with her dad asking her to book him on podcasts.

16:53 Her transition from the door to door canvassing director for a non-profit, to an online business owner was a great advantage to her as she started working at podcast pitching.

18:00 Pitching big podcasters and not knowing who the big celebrities are in the online world. Fan girling the online celebrities and how we view the celebrities in the US culture. Talk to online celebrities like a peer and they’ll be more likely to help you out and work with you.

20:14 The mindset of aspiring to be like those we look up to, we create a barrier of what we perceive our capabilities to be. If we copy what we like about them, we can act like them and take on those personality traits, it’s easier to talk to them when you meet them.

21:47 Jessica tries to demystify the celebrities with her work. The huge celebrities are not the ones who will help you get where you need to be. She hit 6 figures and she had an email list of 200. Her view is that she’d rather be making a lot of money instead of being famous. Focus on making money in your business and the fame will come at that point.

24:24 Pick the people you’re listening to and make sure they are actually making money and are successful. Focus on your own stuff.

25:07 What to focus on and how to get started podcasting. You’re not going to be good when you first start. Record a few episodes and they might not be good, but just get started. You don’t have to be marketing on every platform. When you blog, video, and podcast, there are pros and cons to putting out that much content. You have to make sure your podcast will fit in well with your business. Either interviewing clients and have great guest co-hosts.

30:37 When you first get on a call to podcast with them, break the ice and start talking before recording. That’s really where you’ll make or break the show. The goal is to have good chemistry with the guest and host.

32:38 Why Jessica decided to pick the service of hooking up podcasters and guests as her core service. She looked at what had the greatest potential for growth and money.

33:57 How she started pitching podcasts by looking at iTunes and emailing the hosts. She loves the excitement when her clients get booked on a podcast.

34:50 If you’re bootstrapping your podcast pitching, listen to Jessica’s podcast episodes on pitching podcasts. Come up with a one sheet and give podcasters something they can look at when you pitch them. Jessica is giving a free one sheet to the listeners which you can get on her website with the code publicity. Podcasters don’t want to know why you’re a great guest, they want to know what great content they will get from you.

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  • Jessica shares her stories of bumps in the road and how she got started in her entrepreneur journey.
  • Focus on making money in your business and the fame will come at that point.
  • Talk to online celebrities like a peer and they’ll be more likely to help you out and work with you.
  • If you’re bootstrapping your podcast pitching, listen to Jessica’s podcast episodes on pitching podcasts.


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Jessica’s book Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic!


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<Jessica Rhodes shares her story on how she started her business and how to become a guest on podcasts.>
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