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Manifesting is great when you want to see your big goals and dreams become reality. Tonya walks through the big action steps for you to get you started manifesting big things.


3:00 Tonya takes you back to a story of how she manifested a big goal and how it became a reality in her life. She’s moving into her happy place that she used to visualize and uses when she meditates.

6:20 Sharing this story puts into practice and proves that what Tonya uses in her formula videos is real. Vibes are scientifically proven which is why she uses this method to attract and raise her vibes.

7:47 You have to be able to articulate what it is you want to manifest. What do you want in detail? Take a minute and feel it. What does that do to you?

8:45 Practice acting as if you already have it. Act like you’ve already got it and meditate on that. If you’re looking to manifest a certain amount in your bank account, what would that look like?

10:15 If you’re looking to manifest something huge, you’ll have to do it frequently.

10:30 Take action. If you want to speed up that process and make the law of attraction work for you, meet the universe half way. Don’t sit around and wait for it to happen because that’s going to take a lot longer. Make the moves to do what can be done to get you closer to where you want to be.

12:20 Actually allowing it to happen is hard. You have to put the intention out there, act as if you’ve already achieved it, and then you have to forget about it. Sit and wait and allow it to come to you.

14:00 Appreciate the little things. It’s easy to get frustrated. To keep your focus positive. Find little things to ask the universe for and when it comes, be appreciate it. Tonya likes to say “we’re abundant”. The more you switch to a positive mood, the more you see happening. It becomes easier to manifest big goals and big dreams.

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  • Tonya takes you back to a story of how she manifested a big goal and how it became a reality in her life.
  • You have to be able to articulate what it is you want to manifest.
  • Take action.
  • Actually allowing it to happen is hard.
  • Appreciate the little things.


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<Manifesting is great for your business. Learn practical steps to make your big dreams and goals happen.>
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