Limiting beliefs can be caused by past experiences. Did you know that your brain patterns can unconsciously dictate how you react to a situation based on a past experience?

They really can impact how you react and stop you from moving forward in your business. Listen in as I give examples and some homework to get you moving beyond your brain patterns.


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3:03 We’re diving into patterns today, how your past experiences trigger negative emotions create patterns. Past experiences can create intuition, which you should listen to, but they can also leave brain patterns.

3:40 Past experiences like a trauma, heartbreak, shame or neglect are wounding, especially when you’re a young child, a teen or young adult. When we experience those emotions, it creates patterns and we unconsciously make decisions based on those brain patterns.

4:46 Without even realizing what we’re doing, we’re avoiding pain.

5:02 What is keeping you small? What is keeping you from making the money?

6:39 I share how an experience with a car following her at night last week impacted her. It also brought out a memory of a car following her when she was 19 years old. The feeling and fear of vulnerability has stuck with her so she’s uber aware of her surroundings. It’s because of that situation and experience. In this situation, it’s a good thing because it’s protecting me. That’s what brain patterns, do they protect us.

10:08 What happens when your protection mechanisms are keeping you from moving forward in your business? That’s where your brain patterns are creating blocks for you. Perhaps it came in the form of someone letting you down, or you felt deep disappointment and pain. This could lead you to not do things in your business that could cause you the same feelings.

11:46 I have a client who wrote a paper in middle school that was beyond her grade level and her teach read it and said she must have cheated. The client had put all her energy and love into the paper and the result was that it backfired. She felt embarrassed and sad that the teacher didn’t believe her. The experience left a scar. They work through this experience in coaching and to know that it’s okay to be an overachiever. This person has allowed herself to stay small and not overachieve, because of fear.

14:39 I have another client who partnered with someone in business. Together her and her partner did great things and it was perfect. And then the person pulled out. And it brought back feelings of abandonment which replicated the feelings of when her parents had divorced and she felt abandoned. With those emotions, she went into a depression and a slump. She and I had to work through the fact that these are brain patterns and they are not things that she could control. They had to do some detective work to find out that the partner had personal things going on and it really wasn’t about the relationship between my client and her partner.

18:20 What pain might you be avoiding in your business? What fear are you trying to circumvent? Are you afraid of abandonment, pain, fear? Go down that trail and think about what the first time you felt those feelings. As yourself the question and when you get to that memory, realize that that’s a pattern. I can dismantle this memory and rewrite it in my head.

21:28 It’s going back to those memories and finding out things that maybe you didn’t know and having a new perspective. You can move your brain patterns around and you can face those today.

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  • Your past experiences trigger negative emotions which create patterns.
  • Without even realizing what we’re doing, we’re avoiding pain.
  • What happens when your protection mechanisms are keeping you from moving forward in your business?
  • Go down that trail and think about what the first time you felt those negative feelings.


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<Tonya talks about pain points in your business and brain patterns that can cause them.>
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