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Building an online business means that you need to build trust and credibility. So how do you do that? Well, I’m giving you 10 ways to do that in this episode to give your business a boost!


0:16 I’m the mother of teen boys and in their world, there’s this thing happening called reselling and I’m watching my entrepreneurial boys get into this. They’re watching certain companies release 50 or 100 of certain products. You enter into a raffle to buy and then some of them you get to turn around and sell them on sites.

1:31 It’s been a very interesting experience as a spectator to watch my sons and their friends go through this process as they’ve had to learn the hard way that you can’t just send someone an item and wait for a check to come in the mail. They don’t ask and they trust the first time.

3:00 It’s that experience of getting hurt and jaded from the first time when someone doesn’t send money. It’s our subconscious that is protecting us from experiencing those feelings again.

3:33 You, as an online business owner, take that into consideration. You might have a pretty website with pretty pictures, but how do people know they can trust you. It’s about taking the extra time and consideration to build that relationship.

4:20 You can establish an instant report with someone face to face. When there’s distance between you, you have to know it’s going to take a little bit of time.

5:12 There are 10 things you can do to start to boost your business. I know you have an online business, and you have reasons why you don’t want to go out and do networking events. But that doesn’t mean you should stay home behind your computer. You should go out to networking events and share your elevator pitch with someone who will find someone who actually thinks of a great client for you.

7:32 Girlfriend, get out there and network. My goal for you is to get out and network at least once a month.

8:20 The next best thing is online virtual coffee chats. It’s almost as good as in person. Learn from the person you’re talking with and network through them. Aim to have five coffee chats a week. If that’s ambitious, aim for one or two.

9:47 Being vulnerable online will also build your credibility. If you come across as perfect, people will start to wonder what you’re hiding. If you’re open with your weaknesses or failures, people are going to be more drawn to you because you become relatable at that point. You’re building a connection.

12:00 Social proof can be thought of as good gossip. People talk about people and you know that gossip is in abundance everywhere. Never say an ill word about people, but instead be that person who always has someone’s back. Stand up for others and offer another perspective. It allows people to see you’re trustworthy. We want people around us who are trustworthy, especially in the business context.

15:06 Connect people to each other. Take good notes when you’re at networking events and you see someone who does something that others need. Be a facilitator and connector. People appreciate that and the law of reciprocity says that we owe someone who does something for us. When you connect others, you’ll be seen as someone who is a trustworthy person.

17:00 Have a low-risk offer that someone can buy if they’ve just found you on the internet. Think about how someone can try you before they buy you. Give them a chance to get to know you. Tripwires and optins don’t make sense for every business. Take a step back and ask yourself what people need from you and build up your offer around this for your business.

18:56 Show up. Don’t just when you’re launching, or when you’re promoting something, but be present and easily accessible.

20:42 Add value and inspiration. If your schedule is really hectic, take a few minutes and schedule time to interact and be present then leave.

21:53 Be consistent, which might not always be possible, but the more consistent you can be the better. It goes with showing up, they know where you are.

22:34 Treat your tribe like your BFF. Respond and interact as if someone was right in front of you. The online world has made it easy to take the tone out of things, but I want my personality and tone to come out in my correspondence. If I were in person with you, there would be body language, in the written form you can’t always communicate that so I use emojis and exclamation points. I want the people in my world and space to know I care about them.

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  • When there’s distance between you, you have to know it’s going to take a little bit of time to establish a relationship.
  • Girlfriend, get out there and network.
  • Think about how you want to show up and how you want others to think of you.
  • Connect others.
  • Show up online, add value and be consistent in your presence. People will not have to look elsewhere for what you offer.


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<Building trust online is hard, here are some great ways to build trust and boost business.

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