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The emotional guidance scale, made famous by Abraham Hicks, is a guide that you can use to check in with yourself and your emotions. Because your emotions determine your “vibe” (the energetic frequency that acts as a magnet, attracting people, opportunities and things into your reality) training yourself to tune into it is an important part of understanding why you’re where you are in life. 

If you want to start manifesting success, abundance and joy into your life, pay attention to your moods. Where on the scale do you tend to “hang out” on average? Small and subtle changes in your mindset and the way you’re showing up will make all the difference and will definitely help you in creating the life and business you want!


What You’ll


  • How to change the way you feel to get the results you desire
  • What it means to operate at a level 10 vibration
  • How to control  your mood and raise you vibrational level
  • How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as a tool to uncover hidden emotions 

Listen to this episode to understand the scale and how to use it. Then, print the image below to use as your “cheat sheet”, keep you on track. You can even try mood journaling, which is a great way to track your vibe and look for patterns over time! 

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