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Think about something you really want. Are you trying to manifest it and it just does not seem to be working? In this episode, I dig into what you might be doing wrong as you’re manifesting and what you CAN do right.


0:19 Do you feel like you’re messing up your manifesting. Maybe you’re not specific enough or you’re too specific. Do you ever think you’re being too much of a diva.

1:19 I’ve got clients who tell me they’re worried they’re being too specific and they’re starting to turn into a diva. A woman, Nicole, had asked this question in the Facebook group. She’s got a picture of a piano on her vision board and shortly after that, she was offered a piano but it was too big and too old. The truth is, you can only ask for what you want if you know what you want.

3:01 Think about it like dating. If you were going to tell your friends that you really want a boyfriend. They all have a boyfriend for you and it’s probably not the right one. But if you tell them exactly what you’re looking for, then they can keep their eyes open. Manifesting works the same way. You have to flush out what you don’t really want so you can get clear on what you do want.

4:38 If the universe sends you something and it wasn’t really what you wanted, say no thanks, I’m saving myself for something better.

5:15 When you write things down or put things on a vision board, it helps your mind to focus on what you really want and be really specific.

6:16 Visualize what you want as if it’s a daydream. Imagine yourself seeing it, tasting it and touching it. You mind doesn’t know the difference between a dream and a reality. And then it sends those vibes into the universe.

7:19 It wasn’t too much later after Nicole’s first post, that she updated us and posted she got her piano.

7:34 When the universe sends you something you don’t want, give yourself grace and don’t beat yourself up. Simply say no thank you and tell it what you want with more detail. The whole thing is emotion. If you feel guilty or doubt, then you’ll mess up your vibe. Appreciate the universe is doing it’s job. Keep doing what you do and it will deliver.

9:48 If you’ve got a good manifesting story, come over to the Profit Party group and share them with us!

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  • You can never get too specific in your manifesting.
  • Practical tips for manifesting.
  • When the universe sends you something you don’t want, give yourself grace and don’t beat yourself up.


Episode 004 – Why You Need a “Do Not Want” List

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<Are you worried about messing up your manifesting? I dig into what you might be doing wrong as you're manifesting and what you CAN do right.>
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