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Today’s guest, Nathalie Lussier, is passionate about helping others find their passion and make an impact in the world. She has made some big goals to help others and is talking about them today.

Nathalie has helped many companies generate millions of dollars on a national and international scale by promoting a change in mentality within team management and teaching techniques to do the right things at the right time efficiently and thus achieve goals. She also worked for the government of Quebec in health care services to improve accessibility for patients.

Nathalie was very successful in the corporate world, though something was missing.  Like many other people she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. She decided to leave the corporate world and with a career objective of being able to help people maximize their skills.  By combining all the elements of the tools and knowledge she has acquired during her career she can put it to use on a larger scale.

Entrepreneur and founder of Nathalie Lussier Impact, Nathalie offers people from anywhere in the world the ability to awaken their passions for them to live the life they have dreamed of and to stay completely connected.

She also works with other conscious entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to live their passions as well as having a positive social impact, all while generating an income they have set without sacrificing their relationships and free time.  To help these heart centered entrepreneur to spread their message to the world, she created a very successful program Connect, Serve & Make Money.


3:35 Nathalie worked for many years in corporate business and ended up getting burned out. While she was working with people in corporate business on their separate passion projects, she saw that they loved the independent projects. This led her to want to encourage that love and that’s when her entrepreneurship journey started. Her goal is to inspire 10,000 people which is what led her to start the Do What You Really Love! summit.

6:59 She says everyone has a passion. You can find your passion. To Nathalie, the definition of the word passion is if you’re passionate about something, it means to build a life that you want. You will have a bunch of elements in life and you can follow those to find the true path to purpose.

10:06 Your passions will change throughout life. Think about all the proponents that create your life and write down what you’re passionate about. Think about it as “when my life is ideal, I am having __________.” You don’t want to create something you don’t want to live out.

11:30 Intention, attention and no tension. The power of intention and being clear about what you want. Once you find your passion, set the intention and become clear about what you want. Attention – take actions to getting to where you want. No tension – there is a force that will help you get where you want to be. Nathalie says her way of living is to set her attention for what she wants or something better.

16:25 You need to focus on what you really want in life because there is so many distractions in life. Nathalie ranks her passions and uses her top 5 passions which guide her. She uses her passions to filter her life. If choices don’t match up with her passions, she won’t do things.

19:10 If you have a passion, it’s because there’s something there that you can build a business around. There is a niche or a market for it. By telling yourself that there is business, you need to not tell yourself that, but go back and set an intention around that business idea. You create what you want to create in your life.

21:42 The Do What You Really Love! has a lot of great people joining Nathalie on her summit. Her criteria for her contributors have gone through very painful things and who have come through them and overcome those to live the dream they want. With their stories, they’ve built what they want to have.

25:31 We are in the world to make an impact, don’t let go of the dream to make an impact. Ask for help. Because we need to be together. The power and energy we have right now on the planet are about co-creation and if we are together, we can move mountains.

Passion is like bread crumbs that guide you to your true purpose. Click To Tweet


  • Nathalie’s goal is to inspire 10,000 people which is what led her to start the Do What You Really Love! summit.
  • Passion is like bread crumbs that guide you to your true purpose.
  • She says everyone has a passion.
  • Intention, attention and no tension
  • You need to focus on what you really want in life because there is so many distractions in life.


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<Nathalie Lussier is dedicated to helping others find their passion in business and life. Join us on this interview to learn more about how your passion can meet impact.>
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