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It’s important to make money goals a priority in business for four different reasons – find out why in this episode with guest host Tara Bosler. Tara and her daughter have been working hard to create and meet money goals in their lives and Tara has a great testimony to share with you.


1:12 Money goals are super important. We pick a number, but often we don’t really know why we pick that number.

1:33 There are four things that money goals do: They give you a reason why you want to earn money. When you give your money purpose, it gives your subconscious a reason why you’re doing something.

3:44 It helps you to connect to your why. When you’re emotionally connected to it, it makes a difference in your feelings towards money.

4:26 Money goals are a great way to come together as a family and a team. Whether it’s manifesting together, imagine it’s boosting your power together.

5:16 It allows you to connect emotion to that goal when you hit a goal. You have to make sure you strive to hit that goal. Creating a money goal also allows you to celebrate your wins as you reach each goal.

7:48 Tara’s process started because she needed a way to explain to her daughter about making money and needing to work. Instead of making it taking time away from her daughter, she made it something that was good for her daughter. They made a chart and set money goals. They decide together what it is that they’re going to do together once they hit that money goal.

10:49 Most of our money stories are imprinted before the age of 7. It’s amazing to see how together you’re learning those things.

12:14 If you don’t set money increments that are achievable, you’ll experience boredom. Celebrating that abundance allows you to splurge. If you don’t stop and celebrate, you’ll stop looking for more which puts you in a scarcity mindset.

14:26 If you’re getting ready to make goals, start small. Tara celebrated the number of clients at the beginning of making money goals. Find something that you can attach a value to and make a chart of things that you want to celebrate. You’ll want to start attaching those things to cash and once you feel that, you can move forward and attach money goals to that.

16:42 Too often people say you don’t make any money in the first year of your business, but there is still money coming in and once you have money coming in you need to start working on those money blocks and making monetary goals. You don’t have to struggle for the first year of business. Bringing your family into that will give you encouragement and support. They’re rooting for you.

19:03 Make it fun. When it’s a have to thing, it’s not fun. When it’s a want to thing, then it becomes fun and changes the energy around the money and the business.

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  • Money goals are super important.
  • There are four things that money goals do.
  • Creating a money goal also allows you to celebrate your wins as you reach each goal.
  • If you don’t set money increments that are achievable, you’ll experience boredom.
  • Make fulfilling money goals fun.


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