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Yo, girl! Are you wondering why your money problems keep coming back even though you’ve done all of the money mindset work? It’s worked for you for awhile, but now that you’re upleveling or pivoting or in a new life phase, all of the uncertainty and fears come rushing back. I want to explain to you why this keeps happening!


1:47 Is mindset tripping you up? Is it a problem? Is it a disease or is it the symptom? And more specifically is it your money mindset? I want to just dig in, answer some questions and address some confusion around money mindset.

2:11 We’ve all said it, we’ve all thought it. We’ve all read books about it. You’ve done work, right? I know you have. I know it’s been on your mind because at some point you questioned yourself. You said, “You know what if I’m not quite making the money I want and I’m focused on it; I’m doing all the things. My money mindset must be jacked,” right?

2:42 Money mindset is a layer of your mindset. It is more of a symptom than the problem or disease itself.

4:08 You do the work on it. You heal your relationship with money as if it’s another being, an external thing, right?  You’re gonna be nice to it and your gonna respect it. And all these things are important. 100%.

4:23 You’re going to have a healthier relationship with it, not fear looking it in the face. Meaning not fear opening your bills, looking at your credit card statements, budgeting, reconciling. All those nasty words you don’t fear it anymore because you’ve healed your relationship with it.

5:01 There will always be a new trigger. Why is that? Have you figured that out yet?

5:28 There is always something deeper going on. What I mean by deeper it is what you believe is possible. It’s your sense of worth, worthiness, in yourself, in what you deliver to the world, in who you see when you look in the mirror, in how you talk about yourself, your business and your services. Are you confident? Do you believe you’re amazing? And when you say that to somebody, when you say it out loud – ‘cuz I’m pretty freaking amazing, you know, you feel it right? – is it in your head or your heart? Where does that come up for you and is it a sustainable feeling?

6:24 If you 100% believe you deserve the money that you’re after, the clients that you seek, the love, the significance, the respect, not only in business but in your home life, because there is a certain element of balance required to have a healthy sense of self.

6:58 You have to heal your body from the inside out because once anything gets to the outside, it’s merely a symptom of what’s going on underneath.

7:20 When you are concentrating just on your relationship with money, just the way you think and feel about it and you’re ignoring everything else, the triggers are more likely to come back.

8:28 I, like a holistic doctor, like to take a holistic approach to mindset, the way we think and feel about money, ourselves, our worthiness and what is possible. I say what is possible because when it comes to business, you have to take the blinders off, right?

9:25 You want to make sure that you are tuning in and doing what feels authentic to you, that you’re paying attention and connecting emotionally to what your client needs so that you know you’re doing an amazing job in the way that you do it best. You’re maximizing on your strengths. You are healing your mindset.

11:32 You want to get to the bottom of these things? You want to get focused and figure out what can wait and what can be done now? Start taking focused action and implementing these things one step at a time, feeling really good about it, really confident and rocking it out, then we need to talk. Seriously, let’s hop on a call and let’s figure out if The Profit Party Academy, a place where we are going to come together as women, work on all of the different layers of what’s going on inside, and take all of the things that you know need to be done and put them in the right order so you can take focused action.

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  • Your triggers keep coming back because your relationship with money is not the problem but the symptom.
  • You have to dig deeper and heal your relationship with yourself from the inside out.


069 – Your S&M Relationship with Money
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Yo, girl! Are you wondering why your money problems keep coming back even though you've done all of the money mindset work? It's worked for you for awhile, but now that you're upleveling or pivoting or in a new life phase, all of the uncertainty and fear come rushing back. I want to explain to you why this keeps happening!
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