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Today, I’m going to give you 5 questions to really think and reflect on. You have a great product but for whatever reason you, are not seeing the success you expected. You know that you’re struggling with marketing, but you just keep telling everyone what it is that you have to offer.

How do you communicate the effectiveness and the transformation – the benefits, the takeaways of your product or service – if you can’t talk about it?


0:20 Fun fact for ya, did you know that in the 1800s people used to wipe their booties with corn husks and catalogs. I know, crazy right? There was no such thing as toilet paper? You know who thought that it would be a good idea to invent some? The Scott Brothers. The creators and inventors of Scott Tissue. I tell you this because I was watching the story of how they got their product into the marketplace and it was so fascinating.

1:10 It was way back when and bathroom conversations were considered obscene. Nobody talked about their bathroom habits. It was totally taboo.

2:10 The Scott Brothers are like “This is the most amazing thing ever. Everyone’s going to love this, except how do you tell people about it when it’s completely taboo?” They had to get creative. They had to invent ways to get their product in front of consumers without ever saying a word about it.

2:32 We talk about marketing our product, we talk about pitching ourselves, being able to sell savvy without feeling sleezy. All of that has to do with communication. But how do you communicate the effectiveness and the transformation – the benefits, the takeaways of your product or service – if you can’t talk about it? The most powerful way ever. Allowing them to experience it for themselves.

3:00 That is exactly what the Scott Brothers did. They took their product  and distributed it and snuck it into bathrooms in hotels all over the country. So people were in there like “Oh! What is this fascinating stuff here?” They were able to try it discreetly without ever, ever having to talk about it, without ever having to be embarrassed and it took off, clearly. Because of their tactic and because of their ability to think outside of their box and to meet their customers where they were, and to circumvent the resistance and get creative with it, they now have – well even back then, I think it went up to something like multiple billions – because everybody in the world pretty much at the time started using their product and they were the only ones making it.

4:15 It was so fascinating to me because it was marketing. Even back in the 1800s there were people who had stuff to sell and marketing problems to solve. Which brings me to today and you with your product and your service and the way that you are marketing it. So I have 5 questions and I want you to think and reflect on as your thinking about your product or service and how you’re gonna get it into the hands of your ideal clients so that you too can make money off of what it is that you’re doing.

4:39 Number one,  what problem do you solve? And when I say what problem do you solve, is it a legit problem that needs solving? Is this something that your ideal client is aware of or is it like the Scott Brothers that they don’t even realize it’s a problem because they are so set in their ways. They have these mental patterns that have just conditioned them to keep doing it this way. They’ve never thought of an alternative option.

5:40 So when you think about the need that you solve, are they aware of their need? That is really, really important. So identify what it is and then on a scale of 1-10 how aware is your client of the problem?

5:53 Number two, why do they need it? Now this is not just because it will make life easier. No, get specific with the emotion. Why do they need this? What is it going to do for them? When you are able to not only communicate that but demonstrate that, which is more powerful, you are going to have a much easier time converting. You can tell me all day long how amazing your product or service is, but until I have experienced it myself and I have labeled it the way that my brain is trying to label things and I have felt with my emotions the transformation or experience, until that happens I am only semi-convinced. If you can show me and you can fully immerse me into what it is you do, I’m a believer baby!

7:05 Number three, what is the level of belief in the outcome? Now this is kinda a two-part question. It is partially for you and partially from the perspective of your ideal client. Number one – this is all mindset, sista, so pay attention to this one – what is the level of belief that you have in your results, in yourself and in your delivery method. So how is it that your client is receiving it? These are really questions to slow down for a minute and tune in.

7:43 Maybe put yourself in the position of your ideal client. Imagine immersing yourself in their situation and how are they going to receive your service or your product? How are they going to use it? What are the results that they are going to receive? What is their experience going to be like working with you? How are they going to use it? What is the delivery method? How are you going to get it into their hands? How are they going to full on immerse themselves into that experience.

8:19 When we’re talking about results, are these always the results that they get? You know, all the time, definitely. It’s systematic, it’s tried and true. Is it like 50% of the time they get these results? This type of stuff will develop and affect your level of confidence and your belief in what you offer. There are a million conditions right? Take coaching for example.

9:02 The people that show up consistently, pay attention and do the work get the best results. Where people who show up but they’re also multitasking – like they’re kind of listening but they’re kind of doing work and they’re only 50% there or they only come to part of the classes and then they get upset at the end going “Well, that wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t get the results I wanted.” Well, did you show up? Were you full on 100% giving your all? Did you do the work? I want you to think about that. That so often affects the mindset of my coaching clients – the ones that are coaches or teaches – because they get down on themselves and beat themselves up over the results that their clients are getting. That’s the first question. What was their level of commitment? Eh, it’s about 50%, well that’s not on you. If their level of commitment was 100% and the transformation or the result wasn’t there, that’s logistics and stats and strategy and we can talk about that.

10:09 When you’re asking about the results that you deliver to somebody, I want you to take it a set further and ask yourself  are these always the results and what are the variables? Now when you’re asking what is your level of belief that you are capable – honey this is all mindset. You can go out there and find proof that you’re not and you can find proof that you are.

10:32 You can find proof that you’re a failure and you suck. You can find proof that you’re amazing and you change lives and people need you. It’s all on where you put your focus. So right here, if your level of belief on one to ten that you are capable of delivering these kind of results, if it’s anything lower than an 8, we need to work on that. There’s some decluttering work to be done. I want you to research your brain power and go into your path and say you know what? I’m not going to focus on the negatives and the failures. I hesitate to say failures because nothing is a failure if it’s a learning experience. If you’ve tried something and it didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it and you learned something, that’s growth. That is success. That is a win. You use that. That becomes part of your arsenal of knowledge moving forward and the way that you can show up and deliver next time and all of the times after that. You are continuing to show up and grow and that’s human nature.

11:40 I really want you to answer that question on a one to ten. What is your level of belief that you are enough, that you are capable, that you can do this. Baby, I want you to get that to a ten.

11:53 Lastly, your level of belief that the delivery method is the right delivery method. Again i see this come up in the online space all the time. Everyone is trying to get their product or service into a box, a mold, a business model that someone else is using. You have to be like the Scott Brothers, you have to show up different. Maybe you don’t. Maybe someone else’s model is working.

12:47 That is one business model and if that is the right one for your clients and it feels good and in alignment with you, awesome, then you’ve nailed it and it’s working. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. But if something feels off, if you’re delivering your value in a way that isn’t being received the way that you want, does the delivery method need tweaking?

13:40 You’ve got traction. You just immersed them. You’ve created essentially a low-risk offer, a way to try and experience the result without the risk. It’s a beautiful thing. So what does that look like for you in your business?

13:56 Now the second part of that question, what is the level of belief that your clients have in the results that you deliver, in your level of expertise, in you being able to deliver it in the way that they need ait and the delivery method. The first part of the question where we are talking about mindset we are going inside.

14:27 The second part of that question may require you to go out, grow some cajones and ask for feedback. Yes, that feedback might not be what you want – it might not be sunshine and rainbows and sugar cookies – but it is going to be honest feedback and the kind taht you need. Constructive criticism perhaps. It’s the fuel and the ammo that you need to make the changes that are going to grow your business and help you make money. Get out there and ask. Ask past clients, ask people that are potential ideal clients. Do your market research. You need to know what they think and how they are receiving your stuff.

15:05 Question number four, and we touched on this a little bit, how can you get clever with your offer and get it into the hands of your clients or your ideal client so that they can try it and experience it so that they can immerse themselves in the benefit? No talking. No let me just tell you about it. It’s amazing trust me. No. Don’t trust me. Don’t take my word for it. You try it, you tell me what you think.

16:02 You have to bust through the 5 senses of your clients like the guard dog that says, “Nope i’m good, my life is exactly fine the way it is. I don’t need to change. I don’t need anything else in my life. I don’t need to spend money on anything else. I’m spending money on enough things. Why should I spend money on you?” Here’s why. Try this.

16:23 Number five, what is your definition of success? Now this is all about detaching from the outcome. This is about embracing that whole, “Hey I don’t need your money. You can give it to me, I will take it because my stuff is freaking amazing. But I don’t need it. So hey, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. There’s plenty of clients out there who need me and who value me and really, really want what I’m offering and if it’s not for you, that’s ok. Maybe another time.” What we do instead is that we get all hung up. We go and talk to people about what we have and we say “You need this in your life!” And they’re like “No I don’t think so.” And we’re like “Is it me? Why don’t you love me? Why don’t you love my stuff? Why won’t you buy it? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.”

17:26 Maybe. Maybe. Maybe, right? Or, you could just not do any of those things and redefine your definition of success. If you talk to 10 people about what it is that you do, what is a good conversion rate? Is it 3?

18:15 We set these high expectations because we never actually lay down realistic success expectations for ourselves and our business. Instead, we get real emotion about it and we focus on the stuff that doesn’t work.

18:50 So I invite you to ask yourself that question, what does success look like for you and what does it feel like? Allow yourself to feel it. Allow yourself to imagine stepping into that feeling of success and letting go of the rest. Detaching yourself from that high standard.

19:54 What is the problem that I’m solving? What is it that my clients need? What is my level of belief in my offer? What is their level of belief in the offer/ How can I get it into their hands so that they can try it and experience it before full on committing to it? How is it that I’m going to define success so that no matter what I always feel good about it? Super simple right? Hey, that’s the framework. You can go and make money with that.

20:27 Take some time. Take some notes. Rock this exercise out and go do your thing. You are amazing at it. You are enough. You have everything in your already believe it or not. You can do this. I believe in you.

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  • Don’t tell your potential clients about your product, get them to experience it firsthand.
  • Your level of belief in the outcome of your product is just as important as potential client’s belief.
  • We set high expectations for success because we do not have realistic expectations.
  • Detach yourself from needing the money or this client and know that there are plenty of clients in the sea.


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So, you have a great product but for whatever reason you are not seeing the success you expected. You know that you're struggling with marketing, but you just keep telling everyone what it is that you have to offer. How do you communicate the effectiveness and the transformation - the benefits, the takeaways of your product or service - if you can't talk about it? Today, I'm going to give you 5 questions to really think and reflect on.
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