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The other night I saw the movie Central Intelligence and the speech at the end brought me to tears as I thought about how it meant to be the hero of your own journey. Are you your hero? Or do you let your inner bully reign supreme? On this episode, I talk about how you can be the hero of your own story, and it is easier than you might think.

0:49 Last night, we cuddled up and watched Central Intelligence. That’s with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart. Super funny. I love anything with Kevin Hart in it. Its destined to be good, isn’t it. So we’re watching this and there was a speech at the end of the movie that brought me to tears.

1:09 So, let me give you a some context in case you have not seen the movie. It is based on their high school career. It starts off when they are in high school and The Rock is a chubby kid in the locker room. He’s got the radio on, singing and dancing buck naked and a couple of the kids walk in, the grab him and carry him and throw him out into the gym buck naked and on his belly where there is the senior pep assembly going on for Homecoming. So insanely embarrassing moment for him and it kinda messes him up for the rest of his life. He has a hard time with these social situations and this inner fat kid always lives inside of him. Although he becomes absolutely gorgeous and buff and muscular and he has a great job, this part of his psyche is always there. He’s always kind of afraid to show up as himself and put himself out there.

2:13 I feel like it connected because we are all like that a little bit. We’ve all experienced embarrassment and ridicule or judgement in our past, especially when you’re a little girl or teenager. Those wounds run deep and those scars are really hard to heal. They’re always there and it doesn’t take much for something in our world to trigger those thoughts about ourselves and those emotions.

3:02 Whatever it was that happened, it prevents us from being the hero of our own story, from showing up fully and stepping into our true power, our authentic self. There is always a little piece of us being held back because we secretly, deep down inside, we are afraid to open up those wounds. We’ve buried them. We’re afraid to feel those emotions again. So we will avoid growing ourselves, stepping out of our comfort zone, showing up, putting ourselves out there because we don’t want to feel that pain again. It sucks, right?

3:43 The Rock gives a speech at their 20 year reunion. You need to hear it, it is so good. I’m going to play it right now, I hope it comes through okay.

5:44 I love the speech especially after going through the entire movie, understanding the context, connecting to that inner kid inside of him, you can’t help but be connected to those emotions. Our inner bullies are just as bad as the bullies that were around us that were the kids in high school. There were kids that were mean. Kids are awful, some of them, and we experience hell when we are going to school and in our whole childhood years. Wherever the hell may come from and whatever causes us to go through it, it is a treacherous time in our life.

6:28 What about now? Chances are there isn’t anybody in the world that is bullying you. That bully comes from within. It’s your inner bully that says mean things to you, that torments you, teases you, judges you, forces you to feel embarrassed. That all comes from within and it’s stopping you to this day from showing up. I love, love, love that he says in there the most important thing of being the hero in your own journey is putting yourself out there for everyone to see.

7:08 The most important person you can be is yourself. When is the last time you put it all out there for everyone to see? When is the last time you showed up, 100% as yourself? Think of a time.

7:44 How did that feel? Now this reunion in this movie, it was 20 years. 20 years later and it’s funny because it really puts it into perspective. I don’t know where you are at your life but if you think back 20 years ago, how different was life then? How differently did you view the world? You were a totally different person. Do you even know that person anymore? But yet, the things that happened way back then still have such a profound affect on us.

8:20 What do you wish you would have done? Are there moments and memories that you look back and think “I wish I would have said something different.”?

8:40 Why didn’t you? What stopped you? It’s an important thing to recognize because those things that stopped you then are still stopping you now.

8:50 I want you to take that and think about your life in 20 years from now. Are you going to let it keep stopping you? If you do, what does your life look like in 20 years? Who is going to be in it? What is going to matter most? When you’re looking back at your life – when you’re looking back on today – 20 years from now and you’re reliving some of these moments and these memories and you ask yourself what would have made the difference? What answer would you have had?

9:22 What can make the difference? What can change the trajectory of your life? A single moment. A single decision. A decision to show up, be yourself, put it out there and own the amazing person you are. If you do that, even for a moment, how will you feel? Allow yourself to immerse into that emotion. Let it overcome you and consume you completely. How will you feel if you do that for a whole day? A week?A whole month? A whole year? It will start to get easier, I know that.

10:01 It will start to feel better and it will change the direction of your life. I don’t think it is even possible to change the direction of your life in a bad way by doing that. I don’t know anybody who has said “I showed up, I’ve been myself and followed my true path and connected to my inner truth. It was awful.” That doesn’t happen. It is the greatest feeling ever to allow it to unfold.

10:34 If you’re willing to shut that inner bully up – that bully that still lives inside you that is still trying to protect you from those really old emotions and fears. If you’re willing to fight that bully for just a moment, what are you willing to do right now today immediately to step outside of your comfort zone, to show up as you. What have you been resisting?

11:01 Take a moment and think about that and say “How can I show up and be me today? How can I just live? How can I just connect to feelings of joy and of pure bliss and abundance.” What does that mean for you?

11:16 “How can I impress myself today by simply being myself?” Because that’s what it’s all about. If you look back on your life, the best memories are always the ones where you pushed yourself, where you let go of resistance. You connected with who you are at the core. You showed up as the person you know you’re capable of being. You felt uncomfortable, maybe, but proud, definitely. That felt amazing. You allowed yourself to be the hero of your own story.

11:51 I would love to know. What makes you the hero? It’s the littlest things.

12:16 It’s all about just letting go of the judgement, the resistance, the worry about what everybody else thinks and be yourself. Who do you know that does this like a rock star? Model them. Take notes. Pay attention. Then do something yourself that feels good and just own it. Don’t apologize for it. Don’t preface it.

12:49 It’s a choice and make it with power. So what is it that makes you the hero of your own story? What is the last crazy thing that you have done to push yourself outside of your comfort zone? I would love to know. Come over to the Facebook group and share it. Better yet, tweet me. I don’t spend enough time on Twitter and this will be a good excuse to get conversation going.

13:22 Tell me what is the last thing you did to push outside of your comfort zone? I would love to celebrate you. Do that. That is your homework for the week and I hope you rock it out. I hope you feel amazing. When you do, tweet me, too. I want to know every time you do something amazing. If you need somebody to cheer you on and celebrate with you, I am your girl. I will always, always be here to be your cheerleader.

Being your own hero is about letting go of judgement, resistance, & the worry about what everybody else thinks & being yourself. Click To Tweet


  • Your inner bully is holding you back.
  • Being the hero in your own journey is putting yourself out there for everyone to see.
  • Impress yourself and show up as your authentic self, unapologeticly.


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The other night I saw the movie Central Intelligence and the speech at the end brought me to tears as I thought about how it meant to be the hero of your own journey. Are you your hero? Or do you let your inner bully reign supreme? On this episode, I talk about how you can be the hero of your own story, and it is easier than you might think.
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