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We are knee-deep in the Money Vibes Bootcamp where 200 women are feeling supercharged, manifesting money and upleveling their businesses. Naturally, no one wants the momentum to slow. So what do you do when you want to keep it up?

Start a mastermind!

I have been a part of free and paid masterminds, and let me tell you, it doesn’t matter which type I have joined, they have all catapulted my business.

There is just as much value in a free mastermind as a paid one; the value is just different. Today, let’s talk the basis of a mastermind.


Who is in your mastermind?

You want to hone in on the level of people you are considering. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and the quality of people will make or break your mastermind. You want to surround yourself with people that are of a likemind, share similar goals, are positive and optimistic. They motivate and elevate you.

Llikewise, you need to bring that same energy to the group when you show up. Be the best version of you.

Why are you starting a mastermind?

If you are joining a business mastermind, your focus generally involves marketing, generating more income, and collaboration.

What are your goal and outcome? Does it make sense to have diversity with varying opinions or from different industries? Are you looking for people that can give you advice in different areas?

Or does it make more sense to surround yourself with the same people in the same niche, industry, or place in business.

How often do you want to meet?

What can you commit to? Weekly, biweekly, monthly. Quarterly.

How often do you need to lean on your support sisters and. at the same time, can you show up fully without bailing after awhile? If you start to make excuses and not show up, the integrity of the mastermind deteriorates.

How are you going to meet?

Will you be meeting in person, on the phone, with Facetime or within a Facebook group?

How long are you going to commit to meeting?

You need an exit strategy. Is it for 3 months, 6 months, 6 weeks? Have a defined timeline. If a couple people are committed to showing up and they bring their ideas and best self and they’re amazing but their life/business shifts and they can’t show up in the same way. There could be some guilt or weirdness about leaving the group.

Once you have reached your exit, I recommend you have a meeting and figure out how you want to continue, etc.

Free vs paid?

No matter if you want a free or paid mastermind, the set up of your mastermind is the same.

The best approach is to personally invite people into your mastermind.

The 2nd approach is to post in a group and see who might be interested. Make sure you have chats around that. Ask each person what strengths they can bring, objective, intention, etc


The main difference with a paid mastermind is who is in it. In a paid mastermind, you collaborate with other people who are experts in their industry, forging deeper connections and building strong relationships with influencers. Typically to gain the experience of other people in the same or complementary industry. Leverage your network and shorten the learning curve in your own business.

Let’s Chat More

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  • 13:00 When you join a mastermind or start your own, you, too, are bringing brilliance to the table. You’re bringing your own unique strengths, your experiences and your perspective and these are things that other people might not be good at.
  • 13:28 Masterminds are the bomb diggity. My mastermind sisters are my soul sisters.



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