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Like gravity, these 7 Spiritual Laws are operating in the background of your life whether you are consciously aware or not. 

When you learn to recognize, and work with them, you are able to use them to your advantage instead of feeling like they are working against you. 

Following these spiritual laws you will shift your vibe and get you into a flow of  abundance and ease where things always work out in your benefit. 

Listen and find out how to start working with these spiritual laws to open up to the flow of money today. 

What You’ll


  • How the 7 Spiritual Laws are Creating (or Blocking) your Abundance
    • Law of Abundance (2:50)
    • Law of Action (4:35)
    • Law of Attention (8:18)
    • Law of Attraction (10:54)
    • Law of Clarity (17:25)
    • Law of Giving (19:35)
    • Law of Prosperity (21:50)
  • How to remove your money blocks so you can manifest everything you want in your life and business

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