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Everybody has an opinion. The question is: How much are you allowing it to affect your perception of yourself (and your performance)?  The only opinion that really matters is yours. 

When you learn how to filter through the opinions of others and take ownership of your own self-perception your feelings and behaviors will demonstrate that, making you much more effective at work and at home. 

Try paying attention to the words that you give power to—theirs and your own—and ask yourself, “Do I really believe this?” It’s your own belief that has the power. If you don’t believe it, you give it no  power over you whatsoever. 

If you do find that you are giving power to the words, opinions and beliefs that are not serving you, I want you to practice releasing and reframing the thoughts and replacing them with positive beliefs. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode. 

What You’ll


  • How to take a step back and observe, not absorb, an opinion, and send love.
  • How to stop giving their negative words power by attaching feelings to them. 
  • How two women stopped listening to the opinions of others and started listening to themselves.
  • How to set the intention to monitor your thoughts and feelings, monitor the opinions, judgments and words that are spoken around you, and pay attention to whether or not you’re giving them power or the power is coming from within you.




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