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This is an episode for practical people who want a step-by-step action plan to manifest more clients and money into their business.

If you’re part of my tribe, you’re an action taker. You aren’t the type to sit around and wait for shit to happen. You want to know what to focus on everyday to grow your business. You want to check things off your to-do list so that you can feel like you’re moving forward. I get it. I’m the same way.

I’ve been studying (and using) the law of attraction for years. In the beginning, it sounded so wonderful and fluffy—just be happy and the universe will fill your world with sunshine and rainbows. That whole woo-woo philosophy just didn’t compute with me. I had no desire to take a passive role in my life or business. I needed an action plan (that’s how I’m wired) and I needed to understand how this whole manifestation thing worked, for real, so that I could turn it into a process. 

It took a few years, but I did it. In this episode, I’m giving you the simplified step-by-step formula for manifesting clients and money into your business. If you want the deep dive version, I broke it down for you into chapters in my book, Mindset Switch.

What You’ll


  • The one thing you MUST get right to energetically align with your desires (get this wrong and you’ll manifest the wrong stuff!) 
  • My favorite technique for setting goals & speeding up the process of attracting what you want
  • How to energetically align with what you want (this is super important because if you’re not feeling like it’s possible for you,
  • The secret to allowing your desires to unfold (Hint: we’re going to be talking about what actions to take and when!) 

I created a FREE WORKBOOK for you that goes along with this episode. You’re gonna love this!! Grab it below. ⬇️

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Step-by-Step Manifestation Blueprint Workbook

Grab the guide that will walk you through the manifestation process, step by step. I'm not talking fluffy woo-woo stuff. This is about aligning your energy with practical actions so you can start attracting clients and money into your business, starting today!  

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I love that you’re binging the podcast! I hope you find what you need, love what you hear, apply what you learn and share it with your tribe.

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Always Cheering You On,

Tonya Rineer

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