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Creating a high vibe routine is important because you’re always manifesting—attracting opportunities, clients and things that match your vibrational frequency. 


Meaning, if you are high vibe, you are sending high-vibe signals out to the universe that act as boomerangs, and they find things that match that frequency and they bring them back to you.

So, if you are in a high vibe state, you’re going to attract clients that are excited and ready to invest in hiring you, because they also high vibe (i.e. aligned with their own value and ready to invest in themselves), 


Now, if that’s a little too woo, and you can’t quite wrap your head around, like, “Okay, Tonya, really? Energy and attraction. . . ” Alright, well, let me put it in practical terms for you. . . 


When you are high vibe, which is another way of saying when you you believe that you’re worth investing in and when you believe in your ability to get your clients results, your actions are going to reflect those beliefs. You’re going to feel comfortable putting yourself out there and letting people know you have something they can buy (because you know its amazing!) and you’re going to take inspired action to grow your business—without second-guessing yourself, procrastinating or making excuses. 


And those actions are going to create the momentum that leads to success in your business. BUT. . . it starts with a positive, self-confident mindset, which isn’t a once-and-done thing. Your mindset is like a muscle—you’ve got to work it everyday to keep it in shape.


Just like working out, mindset work has to become a habit. That’s why I recommend creating a daily routine that will get you into the habit of raising your vibe to the frequencies that allow you to manifest the things you want.  



What You’ll


  • How to create 5 minute manifesting routines that really work!
  • How to keep your vibe high throughout your day (even when life is hectic & crazy).
  • The best mindset & manifesting tools to include in your routine for maximum results.

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