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If you’ve ever:

  • Doubted yourself, or felt like maybe you don’t have enough experience to be a coach
  • That you aren’t qualified enough to help people. . . 
  • Felt insecure or inadequate when comparing yourself to other coaching in your industry. . . 
  • Said to yourself, “Who am I to be helping people when I don’t even have my own shit figured out yet?”. . .

This episode is for you!

I’m gonna help you kick those limiting beliefs to the curb by learning to bust through those mental blocks and prove to yourself that you are qualified to be a badass life coach.

What You’ll


  • Why we sometimes feel like imposters in our business.
  • How to flip the switch on your mental game and prove to yourself that you already have what it takes to help people
  • A little tip I want you to remember whenever these limiting beliefs start to creep back in (this is going to keep you focused, confident and on your A game!)

I’ve also created a Free Mindset Workbook for you to help you work through any lingering beliefs that are messing with your badassery. 😉.  You can grab that below.  ⬇️


I have something to support you.

Free Resource

Mindset Workbook for Badass Confidence as a Coach

There is no room for self-doubt when it comes to coaching. When you feel start to notice the negative self-talk start up, you've got to have the tools in place to kick it to the curb—fast! 

You've got people to help and a business to build. And you need to your vibe to be a level 10 to make it happen. This workbook will get you there! 

dive deeper

Links & Resources

I love that you’re binging the podcast! I hope you find what you need, love what you hear, apply what you learn and share it with your tribe.

We should also definitely connect on social. Here’s where I hang out and what you can expect:

Always Cheering You On,

Tonya Rineer

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