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Everybody deals with money stress and abundance blocks at some point. When you understand how mindset actually affects the flow of money into your life, you begin to overcome your abundance blocks. Even when you know this, the how can stand in your way. Use these five money mantras to overcome your toughest abundance blocks and cure your money stress. If you are ready to dig deeper into your abundance blocks and money mindset, you can always check out my program Money Vibes.

Identify your toughest abundance blocks and use these five mantras to cure them.

Mindset is just like a muscle. It requires that you work through the resistance to strengthen it. Mantras are one way to flex that muscle.

Block: Spending money stresses you out. Money does not exist to just pay bills and expenses.  It’s absolutely meant to cover the necessities of life, but it’s also meant to bring you joy and pleasure. That’s what it wants to do. It wants to take care of you. Mantra: Money comes, money goes. That’s the way money flows.

Block: Unexpected financial setbacks send you on a tailwind of negative thoughts. There are two ways of looking at setbacks like this. You can either restrict yourself and go on a diet or you can attract more into your life. Mantra: There’s more where that came from.

You know that on the other side of this work, there is a world of abundance waiting for you and you are so deserving of it. 

Block: You are valued less. You spend money on what you value. It is easy to spend your money on the popular fix. We throw money at everything hoping that something works. What’s happening is you are unclear. You are not purposeful.  Make investments in yourself and your business from a place of confidence and purpose. Mantra: I invest in myself because I’m worth it.

Block: You are jealous. Jealousy is a trigger from your higher self letting you know it is possible to reach it. It is a mirror inspiring you to open yourself up. Mantra: Thank you for showing me what is possible. I’m happy you made it. I’ll be there soon.

Block: You are unable to receive money. When people buy you something of value, you think, “Oh shit! Now I owe them.” Money is energy and when you receive it, it’s like having somebody hug you and that feels good.The only time it feels weird and uncomfortable is when you feel undeserving.  Mantra: People love to pay me. 


If you need some help, you can check out Money Vibes Bootcamp where I give you all the tools you need to make the shift easy and fun.

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