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Women come to me all the time and ask me, “How do I manifest more money? More clients? My dream house? A buyer for my house? A vacation that I want? A new jeep? How do I make this happen?”

We’ll start talking about manifesting and what I always find is that everyone makes it more complicated than it needs to be. It is not hard. It is simply a matter of changing your point of attraction, your vibe, your energetic frequency.

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The things you are attracting to you are always an energetic match to your vibration. If you feel disempowered, frustrated, angry, upset or impatient, you are going to attract all kinds of people, things and situations in your life that perpetuate that feeling. If you want something different or better, you have to start by elevating your vibration and changing your frequency.

If you want money to flow to you easily, you have to get to a high place .I often refer to the law of attraction as a 10-story building. On the top floor is abundance and the bottom floor is desperation dungeon. All the good things happen on the 10th floor. When you put a desire into the Universe on the 10th floor, it comes back to you on the 10th floor. If you’re in a high vibe place when you ask, the Universe is bringing it to you but it is going to deliver up there. If you change your vibration or your energy because you are impatient, you are magically moved down to a different floor. The money comes, but it’s up there on the 10th floor and you’re no longer an energetic match.

There are no stairs to climb, because stairs mean hustle. Hustle isn’t a part of the law of attraction. There’s no elevator, you can’t have something else do the work for you. You have to do the vibrational work. You have to change your point of attraction. Raise your vibe up where all good things happen. Keep it there and maintain it.

Maintaining it seems to be the struggle.

1. Set an intention you believe in.

This is not hope and pray or buy a lottery ticket intention. An intention is something that you feel you have control over and already are an energetic match for.

Let’s pretend you have been making $5,000 a month pretty consistently for awhile. You want to up your income. If you say, “I want to make $20,000 a month.” but your brain is running through the calculations, the work and it is exhausting and overwhelming. That’s not a good goal.

Say your intention is to make $7,000 next month. Does that feel doable for you? Do you believe that it’s possible? That’s something you can get behind and something you believe in.

What is your level of belief that it is possible? What is your level of belief that what you have right now can make that happen?

When you are completely in alignment with your intention and you believe it wholeheartedly, even if you believe you have to take an action step that inspires you, it is that easy. Allowing your desires into your reality, do not mean you have to hustle and create more work for yourself, just allowing. Sometimes you do have to take inspired action that feels good. Taking that action lifts your vibe and motivates you. It takes you to an elevated point of attraction.

When you feel good about it, your desires magnetically come into fruition in your reality. Your intentions have to be believable.

2.   Detach from the outcome.

This releases you from desperation. When you are obsessing over the outcome, you are hanging on. You are desperation. That comes from a low place. You have to release the attachment. The meaning behind the outcome. So what? Are you going to crumble and die or lose everything if it doesn’t happen?

We tend to think all these things that failure means who we are as a person. When we take a step back and examine the facts, it’s not true at all.

When you are in a good place and naturally detached from the outcome, you can examine it from a place of positive expectation. Between you and me, I know it’s gonna. When you order off Amazon, you don’t know who is going to deliver it, but you know it is going to come.

Trust and have faith in your desires. Don’t feel the need to control the how or obsess over it. Set the intention. As long as you believe in it and you know that it is possible but it’s just a matter of time, that’s a really good feeling. It opens up the flow and helps you to open up the world faster.

3.  Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest vibe there is. When you are grateful for what is, you open the floodgates for more of that to come in your life. What is it you want more of? Is it money? Be grateful for the money you have, the opportunity to spend money, running water and a roof over your head and money to put gas in your car. Be grateful you have the internet and a business where you are in control. Be grateful that you can serve your clients at a high level and they can pay you for that service. Be grateful for cable and Netflix. Be grateful for your refrigerator, the clothes you have, the shoes on your feet, the education your children are getting.

There are so many things to be grateful for right now and you start to focus on those and realize there is enough in your world, money flows to you. It feels good to pay bills. Do you want more money? Sure! But let’s not focus on that. Focus on what is and what has been great and magical and what is good right now.

Elevate your vibe to that level of gratitude and it will help to remind you that the Universe always has your back and everything is always working out for you. It feels good to attract money, receive money and spend money. Money is energy. The energy in and the energy out equally feels amazing. When you love and respect money in that way and the way it feels, you are attracting more of it into your life.

4.  Activate the Law of Allowance

If you are open to allowing it to flow easily into your life, it will. This is where you start to get into limiting beliefs because so many of us are raised to believe that you have to work hard. Good things don’t come easily. We are inundated with the mantra “Easy come, easy go.” Because we don’t want to lose it easily, we don’t want to gain it easily. We are afraid. We look at easy money as it is tainted or wrong or we have to be bad to get it.

There are way more ethical and wonderful ways to make easy money, like doing what you love and getting paid for it. Have you ever had a moment where you love your work so much and can’t believe people pay for it? That is easy money. You are in flow. You’re letting it flow to you easily. When you feel you deserve to be paid to do those things you are gifted at you are tapping into the energy and activating this law.

Take note of the times that you have felt that money was easy. Maybe you attract abundance into your life that is not money. Pay attention and keep a record of it. Celebrate it. The act of celebrating is showing the Universe that you like when this happens. It feels good. When you are aligned with that good feeling, you open up the doors for abundance to come easily.

5.   The Law of Success

The more in alignment you are, the more things will work out for you. The more high vibe you are the easier things will become. The more you will celebrate. The more proof you are connecting that this is possible and you are capable. The more proof you have, the stronger the belief will come. The stronger the belief, the more it Will continue to happen. You are strengthening the cycle or your mindset muscle.

Mindset is everything. If you believe it is easy it will be. As you collect this proof and you work on your mindset muscle of belief you are aligning yourself with the energy where that will continue to happen. The momentum will increase and so will the money. Do you ever wonder why the rich keep getting richer? It is because of the law of success! They are already tapped into abundance and know these secrets and live them every day.

If you want to be like them, you just have to follow the rules of the Universe, the laws of attraction.

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