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Starting, building and growing a business is awesome…and hard. It’s work, sure. We expected that. It’s not the work or the hustle that makes us feel like we’re spinning our wheels, though. It’s the money blocks.

We are all so good at giving to others, that we sometimes run into a wall when it comes to receiving money for what we do.

These walls that stop us from making the money we want are caused by the limiting beliefs we have about money (a.k.a. money blocks).

These sneaky little money blocks are hiding in our subconscious and cause us to think, feel and act certain ways when it comes to making money in our business.

I specialize in working with women to remove the blocks that are standing between them and the life they want. I help them create an actionable profit strategy that feels authentic and comfortable AND brings consistent revenue into their business!

So what’s the secret?

Well, anytime you start out on a journey to get to a new destination you must map your course. You can’t do that very effectively unless you know where you’re starting from, right? So the first step in clearing your money blocks is getting really honest about where you are now.

Where are your biggest money blocks hiding?

I’ve interviewed 6 amazing women about their journey to clearing the money blocks that were holding them back in business.

Keep reading to learn what their biggest blocks were, how they feel now that they’ve cleared them, and how they stay on track when they start to slip back into their old thought patterns.

Disclaimer: The Money Blocks below are super common. You may find one of them sounds crazy familiar. If it does, pay attention! It may be the reason you’re feeling stuck in your biz right now! 

If you find that these sound familiar and you want to dive in a little deeper and discover where you might be blocked, download the Free Audio: Where Are Your Money Blocks Hiding?

1. Not Having a “Comfort Fund” Stashed Away

Everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to financial security. One person may feel perfectly fine jumping into a business head first with less than $100 in her bank account, while another might not feel comfortable taking business risks until she has $50,000 stored away.

You know yourself best. So only you can decide what number feels most comfortable for you. If you ignore that comfort number and go for it anyway, you’re risking more than just financial security. You’re actually messing with your own mojo, which often results in making bad business decisions.

Allie Nimmons, Web Designer and Creative Entrepreneur at Allie Nimmons Creative explains, “Being behind on the bills and short on food makes me anxious.”

Feeling anxious, especially about money, causes us to make business decisions from a place of insecurity and desperation rather than a place of positivity, confidence and abundance, causing us to limit our own potential. 

“I didn’t start my business with any savings. All the money I’ve made goes to bills and necessities and I haven’t been able to put much back into the business to grow it,” says Allie.

When we get ourselves into a place where we feel torn between needing the money and wanting to do what’s right for our business, we feel stuck. It can be hard to focus on anything but the lack of clients and money coming in.

The weight of the world feels like it’s resting on our shoulders and every decision is crazy stressful…. Do we take the client that we know deep down isn’t a good fit, just because we need the money? Do we put this course or that expense on our credit card? Do we spend our last $100 on Facebook ads or a new promotion?

How to Feel Better About Your Money Flow:

These everyday business decisions can seem like impossible struggles when you’re in Desperation Mode.

Getting over this money block requires stepping back and taking a good, honest look at your business and developing a rock solid profit plan.

I know, I know, there are more important things for you to be spending your time on than crunching numbers, right?

Actually…super wrong!

If you don’t have a clear picture of the money coming in and going out, all of your decisions are based on intuition, rather than fact. Trust me, that never turns out well.

It’s so important, it bears repeating: You need to have a profit plan! (Come hang out in our free FB group for discussions and trainings around this) 

If you hang out with me long enough, eventually you’ll catch the nerdy bug and you’ll start to geek out over this stuff (a least a little). How do I know this? Because I used to hate it too! But by seeing your numbers (and profits) on paper and watching those numbers grow is crazy empowering! After awhile, it starts to become addictive. 

Being able to see what’s really happening with your business will give you the clarity and confidence to keep moving forward. Once you see that you’re moving in a positive direction, your energy will begin to shift, you’ll feel better about saying “no” to the wrong clients and you’ll be more open to the opportunities that lead to a more stable business and abundant future.

Allie’s advice for cultivating a positive money mindset:

“Be sure to stash away enough savings so that you feel comfortable and can stay focused and positive. And remember that early on, earning experience and recognition may come before the money does, and that’s ok. It means you’re growing and heading in the right direction- and money is on its way!”

2. Lowering Your Prices to “Make the Sale”

Focusing on lack can also cause us to override our better judgment and question our unique value. Abby Herman, Copywriter and Content Coach at Write Solutions admits, “When I started my business, I had a fear of saying my prices out loud. I used to talk myself down, lower my quote before it came out of my mouth or before I emailed it. I was terrified that my quote would be turned down, especially when I needed the prospective client to say yes.”

When we’re feeling desperate for money, we’ll do just about anything- including lower our prices just to make a sale. We think to ourselves, some money is better than no money! 

During times of struggle, we might start to question our own capabilities. Am I really cut out for this? What if I fail? Logically, we know we have a great gift, but for some reason, we still find ourselves in a state of uncertainty.

We fear putting our gift out there and being rejected. We worry about our prices being too high and losing potential business. Deep down we’re afraid that we’re not enough. 

When we accept less than we’re worth, this feeling of insecurity only gets worse. “I saw what happened to my attitude when I accepted less than I should have. I was bitter, I didn’t enjoy working with the client and I procrastinated. I wasn’t proud of my work. I worked with a business coach on my mindset and she encouraged me to put the prices out there that represented the value I was bringing to the table. As clients said ‘Yes,’ my confidence grew,” recalls Abby.

How to clear this money block:

Working on owning your power and realizing how valuable you really are is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your business! (Check out this free training on how to set your prices and charge what your worth).

Do this by first taking the time to understand your true value and setting prices that are a match to what you offer. Work on your confidence with daily affirmations, visualization and journaling.

Since working on her money mindset, Abby has a completely renewed sense of worth. “My limiting thoughts are simply my mind playing tricks on me, and they come when I’m the busiest or most overwhelmed,” she says.

Abby’s advice to anyone with this money block:

“Give yourself permission to say ‘no’ to someone who is undercutting the value you bring to the table and to limit yourself to clients who respect your expertise. It’s not really a limit; it’s an invitation for abundance and gratitude.”

To get the full training on how to shift your mindset, check out: The Money Mindset Workshop: 6-Steps to an Abundance Mindset

3. Believing That A Degree Makes You More Valuable

If we grow up in an environment where we’re groomed to believe that going to college and getting a degree is the only path to achievement and success, that often becomes part of our money story.

We can get lost in the notion that we don’t deserve to make good money with our creative talents because we didn’t “earn” a degree. Translation: We haven’t earned the right to be financially successful.

The mindset shift needed to clear this money block is to measure the value you bring to your clients based on results. Just because a piece of paper says you’re qualified, doesn’t necessarily make you good at delivering results, does it?

The truth is that experience and natural talent can be so much more valuable to a client than a formal education.

When Samantha Johnston, brand developer at Neapolitan Creative allowed herself to embrace the idea that, “a diploma isn’t the only way to learn and be worthy of a certain salary,” that’s when she began to find comfort in knowing that the time and effort that she puts into learning was just as valuable (if not more valuable) than someone who’s spent that same amount of time in a classroom.

Since making this mindset shift, she has been getting “yeses” to proposals that are nearly 3x what she used to charge and has been able to take on fewer clients per month and still hit her financial goals!

How to make this mindset shift:

Ask yourself? What do you need to believe in order to feel worth of success and abundance?

I love affirmations for this. But I also know that sometimes, we need proof to back up our affirmations. Which is why I love me some braffirmations– affirmations with a little support built in.

And as a coach, I love to take those braffirmations one step further and encourage my clients to seek out both internal and external affirmations. Creating your own affirmations is excellent but by eliciting feedback from your clients, you can also discover external affirmations. 

What can you expect after you ask your clients about your value? To discover the same thing that each of my clients does: That you’re worth more than you gave yourself credit for. Way more! 

Boom! External affirmations!

But that’s not to say that once you’ve discovered how much you’re really worth, you won’t have moments of insecurity. So what do you do what that happens?

Samantha’s ticket to getting back into a positive mindset is to simply remember all the clients who’ve already said yes and how they’ve benefited from the value she delivers.

Samantha’s advice for cultivating a positive money mindset is this:

“Don’t charge based on your time, alone. Remember the time you’re saving the client, the time it took you to learn, the years of experience you have and know that you’re worth every penny you charge, maybe more. And if you’re having any trouble with this concept, talk to Tonya because she’s amazing! :)” 

(Isn’t she so sweet for giving me shout out? Seriously, though, if you’re feeling blocked and want to talk, I’m here for ya! Let’s chat and talk about how I might be able to help!)

Help! I Want to Clear My Money Blocks!

If you’re recognizing that you have a money block or two that you need to clear, and you’re ready to make the mindset shift into a place of positivity and abundance, here are some resources to get you started:

Money Mindset Workshop: 6 Steps to Achieving an Abundance Mindset

Pricing Workshop: How to Set Your Prices and Start Charging Your Worth

Personality Quiz: What’s Your Money Story? 

Money Block Audio: An introduction to the most common money blocks and how to clear them

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To connect with the ladies featured in this post or to learn more about their businesses, click on their images below! 

Allie Nimmons

Allie Nimmons Creative

Abby Herman

Write Solutions

Samantha Johnston

Neapolitan Creative


Hear the stories from 3 different women share 3 completely different money blocks and learn how they overcame them and are now crushing it in their life and biz!

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6 women show you how to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, rock your money mindset and start crushing it in business.
6 women show you how to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, rock your money mindset and start crushing it in business.
6 women show you how to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, rock your money mindset and start crushing it in business.
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