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These 7 Spiritual Laws will help you attain the wealth and abundance you desire. Sometimes they’re referred to as universal laws. They are operating in the background whether you are consciously aware nor not. It’s like gravity, it’s always working, whether you want it to or not.

When you learn to recognize them and work them, you are able to make sure they work in your favor instead of feeling like they are working against you. It is simply a matter of making a few mindset shifts to get into the flow of abundance. This is a high-vibe energetic state with positive energy. Because you are putting out the positive energy, you are getting positive results.

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But following these spiritual laws you will be shifting your vibe and getting into flow where money will just come naturally and easily to you. This is the perfect episode for you!

1.   The Law of Abundance

Everything exists in unlimited amounts. There is no scarcity. We live in a world of fear where the news and media headline will have us think scarcity is abundant because it sells. The truth is, there is no scarcity. We have the knowledge, power, resourcefulness and genius to renew our resources. We keep coming up with new and better ways.

Money does not run out. We keep creating new and better ways to create abundance and to give to the world. Our human population is increasing at an astronomical rate. Some believe that the resources and money become limited. The more people that exists, the more money that exists. The more opportunity that exists.

You have the right to all the abundance you desire. You want more money? It’s yours. All you have to do is align yourself with it and believe it is there for you. You can’t wish it into existence. You can’t ohm your way to wealth. You have to take action.

2.   The Law of Attraction

For every action there is a reaction or a consequence. The positive or negative consequence is up to you depending on the action you take. There are times where you want to hustle and other times where you want to sit back. Those are action points toward your desires.

You have to stretch your comfort zone. You have to believe in yourself enough to take the steps to grow yourself and your business. Which means investing in yourself, challenging yourself, stretching beyond your current perceived limits. It means proving to yourself and the Universe that not only do you want this really bad, you are capable of achieving it. You have what it takes to deserve it and you are ready for all that it means.

You have to shift from thinking of what you desire and actually going for it by putting those desires into motion and creating that ripple effect. The universe will continue to send you opportunities but you have to act on them.

Have you heard the joke of the man shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean? He’s praying to God, “please save my life. I have been such an amazing servant.” No sooner than he prays, someone shows up to save him and he says “No thanks, I’m waiting for God. God is going to save me.”  Hours later a freighter comes by and tries to save him and he says, “No thanks, I’m waiting for God to save me.” The next day a helicopter comes and tries to save him. Same thing. The next day he drowns. He gets to Heaven and meets God and he says “God, what happened? I was waiting for you!” And God said “Are you kidding me? I sent you a fisherman, a freighter and a helicopter. That was all you.”

The universe works the same way. If you just open your eyes you will see the opportunity that exists, but you have to get beyond your fear and your perceived limits to see that opportunity for what it is and take it.

3.   The Law of Attention

There is always opportunity of abundance around you. But you have to open your eyes and notice it. You get what you focus on. Your brain has so much stimuli coming at it every day. It has to learn to filter. Your brain has an amazing filtering mechanism where it sees what is important to you and ignores the rest.

You’ve been in this position many times. Think about when you were carshopping and you see an amazing SUV that you’ve never seen before. After you buy it, you see them everywhere. You turned the switch on in your brain that says “This is important, notice it.” Before you decided it was important it was filtered out of your focus.

When you decide something is important – opportunities to make money or to serve clients – you will start to notice them. The more you notice that it is possible for you to have the wealth that you desire, the more you will be able to believe it. It’s there, but it’s up to you to pay attention.

How do you get more to show into your awareness?

4.   The Law of Attraction

Buzzword alert! You get what you feel you deserve. Your energetic feature, your vibe, is what attracts the things that exist to you. Your reality right now is a reflection of what you feel you deserve. It is a reflection of your mood, attitude and energetic frequency. Your energetic frequency of today, will create your world tomorrow. Your vibe attracts more of the things that match that energetic frequency.

Imagine a 10-floor building, to match my energetic scale of 10. The low end are the emotions of despair. The top floor are the high vibe emotions of abundance, bliss and flow, gratitude and happiness. It has no stairways or elevator. You are magically transported from floor to floor based on your mood. The reality of that floor reflects your mood. If you want to go up a floor and get out of the basement, you have to change your vibe.

It’s not easy to do. But the smallest shift in your energetic frequency will magically transport you to a different floor. Say you choose to be angry instead of despair. This floor is filled with heavy metal music and punching bags and you get your anger out. When your anger’s out maybe you feel overwhelmed. So you go to the next floor – overwhelm. It’s a busy office and you’re like woah I can’t handle this. You can choose to let it bring you down (back down to another floor) or you can get in your zone. You organize a small pile and you start to feel powerful and you are hopeful and proud. You go up to another floor. The more hopeful you start to feel, you start to create plans for yourself. You realize you’ve been in control all along. So much of your life and the greatness in are because you made plans and took action. This makes you grateful and you start to practice gratitude. The moment that you have that shift, there you go, up to abundance. On this floor, everything is easy! Piles of money everywhere! People smiling! Take what you need! It refills automatically. This floor, all you have to do is desire something and it appears.

The more we can stay on that floor, the easier it is to attract abundance into your life. In order to get to that floor, you have to be clear of what you want.

5.   The Law of Clarity

You have to be clear of what you want. This is where creative visualization comes in. Many of us are clear in what we don’t want. That’s not helpful because we then focus in on what we don’t want. We are doing it all backwards. You keep going down a floor when you do that. Taste it. Smell it. Feel it. What does it feel like to already have it? Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is actually happening and what you are visualizing if you connect to your senses.

If you learn to imagine what you desire and get really clear and focus on it, you will activate this law and you will allow yourself to feel as good as it feels to feel it and you are raising your vibe up to the place that is abundant.

Connect to it. Paint this picture in your head as much as possible. At leas 5-10 minutes a day! In this imagination, you are probably very generous. There are no signs pointing to lack or scarcity. So it feels good to give in that energetic state of abundance.

6.  The Law of Giving

When you give from a place of love and abundance, it feels good. It raises your vibe and keeps you on the level 10 floor. You can get there right now. You can tap into that energy and show the universe that you believe in abundance by giving away money now.

Shift your energy around giving. Instead of worrying about how much something will cost or how little you could get away with. Instead of looking at it from a place of scarcity, flip the script and say, “What can I afford to give? What feels good to give?” If you need to, get creative with your gifts. Practice giving in a way that feels really good. Start focusing on that.

7.   The Law of Prosperity

When one person prospers, we all prosper. When the tide rises, all boats rise together, unless you are poking holes in your boat with negative energy! Negative energy come from negative thoughts and allowing those feelings to fester. They come from a place of jealousy. You’re poking holes in your boat! You can’t rise!

You’re bringing yourself down to the energetic floor of jealousy. What feels better, jealousy or celebration? Prosperity is your birthright. If I’m not attracting prosperity and wealth into my life, it’s because I am blocking it. I am blocking the money with my thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs.

I have to remove my blocks and focus on my vibe. I have to believe that I deserve that money. I have to believe that I’m worth it.That it is safe for me to make money for doing what I love. I need to heal my relationship with money. When I heal my relationship with myself, I’m able to create an empire. When you feel good about who you are and have a great relationship with money and manifesting like a boss, celebrating with others is natural.

I encourage you to practice celebrating and the joy of being in that energy even if you are working on your own stuff. It will help you get to the level 10 floor a whole lot faster. At that level 10 space there are no limits.

When you follow these laws, manifesting money will be as easy as breathing.

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