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Hi, I’m Tonya!

I’m boy mom, dog lover and beach bum. 

Cinco de Mayo is my favorite holiday (because tacos and margaritas are my favorite things).

I love exploring new places, singing loud in my car and back-to-school time (who doesn’t love school supplies?)

. . . And I’m a recovering under-charger!

It all began when I started my interior design business. I thought, “How hard can it be? I’ll get some clients, show them how amazing it is to work with me, they’ll tell everyone and I’ll be in business!”

I was a great at design work (it came natural and easy to me), but I struggled with the money stuff. Pricing was scary. I got nervous every time I had to say my prices out loud. I hated having sales conversations because “selling” made me feel greedy, slimy and awkward. I gave away free consultations and advice to (to prove how much I knew and could help them) and would often lose out on the sale. And if I did get it, I procrastinated on sending invoices and whenever a client would ask for more than I quoted them, I’d just throw it in without charging. But I hated saying my prices out loud, sending invoices, having awkward money conversations and I really hated the anxiety I felt when the sales conversation turned to price.

As I grew, I kept my rates low so that nobody argued with them, and I did my best to deliver as much value as I could, hoping that by being the best kept secret in town, my business would grow and I’d see the success I was hoping for. But instead of growing my business, I was growing a huge amount of debt. 

But instead, I was running myself into the ground. I felt underappreciated for all the “extras” I was giving that often went unnoticed, I was exhaused and the mom-guilt from missing so much family time was killing me. 

What really pushed me to change was the day I realized that all that hard work and sacrafice was getting me nowhere.

It was the day I sat down with my accountant and he said to me, in his kind and compassionate tough love voice, “Maybe you should consider getting a job.”

That’s when I realized that I had a serious problem. It wasn’t lack of effort, or skill (I had both of those in spades). The problem was that. . . 

I wasn’t valuing myself!

So I got to work figuring out what was going on inside my head and how to fix it! I hired coaches and invested in business courses. And I did the work to release my limiting beliefs, recognize what made me valuable and learn how to market and sell that value for what it was worth! 

If you’re ready to . . .

  • Get clarity around what makes you valuable (and worth paying for). 
  • Create service offers that sell like crazy
  • Attract clients who can’t wait to work with you
  • Promote and sell in a way that is actually fun (yes, that’s really a thing!)
  • Make the money you want, working with the people you love doing the work that makes you happy.

. . . I’m your girl!

Let’s talk about how I can help you reach those money goals!

Within 2 years, I was making a healthy six figure income, working with clients who appreciated my work and thanks to all the referrals coming in, I was booked out months in advance!

I changed my mindset. . . and it changed my life!

I learned that we’re all capable of making the money we deserve for doing the work we love!

You don’t have to be a college graduate or have 15 years of experience. You don’t have to have a bunch of fancy logos on your website or a million Instagram followers. . .

You just need to have clarity around your offers and why they’re amazing, confidence to promote and sell them and systems to deliver them in a way that creates an exceptional experience for your clients and gets them singing your praises to everyone they know (hello referral business!)

After sharing these same ideas to other women I knew, I discovered how much I loved this work!

The changes I made in my business allowed me to see that it is possible to have it all—clients you love, work that makes you happy and the money to live happily ever after! 

I made the transition into coaching full-time because, honestly, nothing in my entire life has ever felt more rewarding than helping other women release their self-limiting beliefs, own their value and build a business that lights up their soul and gives them the abundance they deserve!

Since 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of women double, triple and some have even quadrupled their income.

It’s not rocket science, it’s confidence, strategy and a willingness to take action in the face of fear. And that’s what I absolutely LOVE helping women do! 

If you’re ready to build a value-based business that lets you get paid what you’re worth to serve the clients you love… Let me show you how!

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