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It’s not where you come from…


where you’re going.

The headline of my life could have read

“Homeless Teen Gives Up After Becoming Pregnant at 15.”

But I knew I was made for more.

My past is nothing shy of dark, hopeless and shattered. The labels I wore on my forehead read:

“Daughter of an addict” – “Homeless 15 year old” – “Pregnant teenager” – “Highschool dropout”  

At one point in my life … some would call it “rock bottom” … I felt like I was sitting in the front pew of my own funeral. But I learned quickly, in life, we have two options:

Give Up or Rise Up.


Today, I am happier than I ever could have imagined and am fueled by a burning passion to help others overcome their own obstacles and struggles and learn how to create success, abundance and fulfillment, regardless of where they are now or where they started. 

I am living my best life because I chose not to let my circumstances define me. Instead, I got clear on what I wanted, I crafted a plan and developed the mindset that made it possible. I created a life that I am beyond excited to wake up to everyday. A life of wealth and happiness. A life that allows me to pay it forward and help others achieve their dreams. And that’s what I want for you, too! 

 Hi, I’m Tonya.

Business coach, best-selling author, podcast host and mindset expert. I’m also a total empath (I wear my emotions on the outside), a dog-rescuer, mom to 3 boys, wife to a guy who is as funny as he is handsome, and for fun, I read nerdy business books, shop at the woo store (I’m a spirit junkie!) and pin recipes on Pinterest that I’ll probably never make. The beach is my happy place (even though I live in Michigan), love connecting with people and I truly believe that everyone has a superpower that is meant to be shared with the world. 

My superpower is helping others tap into the confidence and skills they didn’t know they had so that they can create a life and business that lights them up, makes a ton of money and changes the world! 

After a decade spent figuring things out the hard way, applying what I’ve learned to build multiple six-figure businesses and coaching hundreds of clients along the way, I have discovered one thing to always be true: your success depends on how strongly you believe in yourself! 


When you believe the self-doubt, let the fear take over or make decisions that are out of alignment with what you want or believe, you end up sacrificing your own dreams and desires and downplaying your God-given gifts.

Having unconditional love for yourself, focusing your energy on what you want to achieve and going for it. . . THAT is the secret to living a level 10 life!

When you love and accept yourself for who you are—you stop worrying about what others think and build the confidence to take action toward your dreams—everything clicks into place and all your desires start to come easily—a successful business, money, loving relationships and the joy of fulfilling your purpose and making an impact.


With the right mindset practices and a strategic business plan, the transformation you can make in your life is truly extraordinary!  

When you work with our team, we help you craft a clear vision for your life and business, create an action plan that moves you from where you are to where you want to go, hold you accountable and support you every step along the way.

Your life is your choice. And with a positive mindset and the right tools, you can achieve anything and everything you desire. 

We want to free you of your limiting beliefs, help you turn blind spots into strengths and guide your growth so that you can become your best self and make the impact you are here in this world to make. 

My ultimate goal is to help you get clear on what to do, build the confidence to do it and create the cash flow that allows you to live your dreams and make the impact you are here to make. 

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that. . . 

You were made for more!

If you’re ready make the impact you were made to make,

I’m ready to show you how!

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