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We are in our businesses because of a purpose. This purpose is what points us to find fulfillment and happiness in all aspects of our lives. Yet, many find it hard to reconnect with their purpose that they end up losing the potentials and values. Here, we talk about how to become a money whisperer and share three actions you can take in your business to move it forward in a way that aligns with your source of energy and truth. Tackling also the difference between inspiration and motivation, you will learn and find the great feeling of realignment that brings you back to the flow and abundance of your purpose.

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Aligning To Your Source Of Energy And Purpose

Before we get started, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to hang out with me. It means so much. It gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment in the world to get to do this and to show up for you in this way. I want to also thank those of you who have taken time to leave a review on iTunes or to reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know how much you love the show, how a certain episode has impacted your life. I love when you take screenshots and you tag me in them and say, “I just read this episode.” It felt like you were speaking to me. These moments make it all worth it. It helps me to know what is impacting you, what is making a difference in your world and bringing you value so that I can continue to show up for you in that way. I know it takes a minute to do those things, but the time that it takes means so much to me and it helps me to feel connected to you. That is where the exchange of energy happens and I appreciate that so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those things.

Let’s talk about how to become a money whisperer and what three actions you can take in your business to move it forward in a way that aligns you with source energy, with your truth. It brings you back into alignment with flow and abundance and all the things that feel good because that is the purpose. Isn’t that why you started this business so that you could feel good, so that you could feel important, purposeful and happy? You can have extra money and feel like you were making a difference, but also feeling appreciated for that energy and that effort you’re putting out there in the world. Is that what you want to feel?

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The reason you’re choosing a business is so that you can have those feelings. Abundance doesn’t come from people. Money doesn’t come from people. Money flows through people. Money comes from source, it comes from the universe. There’s an abundance of it out there all over the place. There’s not a finite limited amount. There is so much money. There is more than enough for you, for me and everybody else we know, but money needs to flow through a channel to get to you.

You could have chosen to go get a job. You could choose to devote all your time and energy into manifesting to winning a lottery ticket, but instead you’re choosing to put your time and energy into your business. There’s a reason for that. It’s because this business lights you up. There is something in this business that you’re truly passionate about. There is something about this business that makes you feel loved, connected and important. That is why you’re choosing to put all this energy there if you want the money to flow through that channel. How do we align with abundance and open up that channel? Many of us take the hard way. We take the long way to get there. We work hard. We hustle. We make it more difficult than it needs to be. I want to challenge you to think about taking action in your business differently or in some cases that may be not in action.

Sometimes the right thing to do or the right action to take is to do nothing, to retreat, to meditate, to realign yourself with something that brings you love and joy. It connects you to the ultimate feeling of bliss and source. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do for your business. We’re going to talk about inspiration versus motivation and how to tell the difference. How knowing the difference between these can realign you to source energy or it can misalign you and take you far away and mess up your head because alignment feels good.

PPP 131 | Source Of Energy

Source Of Energy: When you start to pay attention to how you’re feeling, you’ll know whether the actions that you’re attempting to take are right or wrong.


Being In Alignment And Misalignment

When you are in alignment with Source Energy or your Higher Self or your Inner Being or God, you know it. It changes everything. You feel abundant, you feel joy, and you feel like you’re in the flow. You lose all track of time. You’re passionate. You get a boost of confidence. You feel invincible and superhuman like you could do anything. You tend to not care what anybody’s thinking or doing or saying because you were so in the zone that you’re like, “I’ve got this.”

When you’re there, you know that everything’s going to be all right. You know that the money is going to come, that the clients are going to come. You know that you are exactly where you should be and it feels so good to be in that faith. It really does. The flip side of that coin is feeling misaligned in your business. When you’re feeling misaligned and you are disconnected from that truth, from God, from source, you feel confused and doubtful. You might be worried. That worry could be happening under the surface, that anxiety. You feel in your body and it doesn’t feel good. You don’t sleep at night. You’re grinding your teeth all the time. You’re getting headaches. You’re confused. You want to cry all the time, and you don’t know why. You are on the verge of a meltdown at any single moment throughout the day.

Inner Guidance System

You’re not clear, you’re foggy, you’re busy and you were attempting to fix all of this with productivity. I’m going to attempt to stay busy in my business. As long as I’m doing something, I’m ignoring these feelings and I feel like I’m moving forward. What you often find is you’re not moving forward, you’re moving in circles. You’re not getting anywhere and here’s why. You’re defining your success with how busy you are and you’re ignoring everything that’s going on inside of your body. You’re ignoring all of the feelings. You’re ignoring whether you are aligned or misaligned. If you start to tune into that and pay attention and let your inner guidance system, your emotions, they call it an inner guidance system for a reason because it guides you, your emotions will guide you to the right actions to take.

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They will guide you back on track, on your path to where you need to be going so that you can feel those aligned feelings again, so that everything can become easy. That’s why it’s called an inner guidance system. When you start to pay attention to how you’re feeling, you’ll know whether these actions that you are attempting to take or you’re considering are right or wrong for you. I want to point out that they might be right for somebody, but they might not be right for you and what’s right for you might not be right for somebody else. Everybody is different. Every individual is different. Every business is going to be different. Since you are the heart, the core, the soul of your business, it’s important that you run all of the decisions through your own energy field. You run them through your own inner guidance system. You tune in to each decision to ask yourself how it feels.

Three Action Steps

Let’s talk about three tips or action steps you can take to decide, “What do I need to do in my business?” Often, you’re going to get to a place where your business feels stagnant. You feel like, “Nothing’s happening. Clients aren’t calling. I feel like I should be doing something to move my business forward. I should be pushing it harder and faster. I definitely can do something to increase the momentum.” We get into this trap that falsely makes us believe that if we do more, we can speed up the process and that’s not always true. Sometimes doing more halts the process of manifestation.

We want the money to flow through clients, through our business, into our bank, so we are not happy with the speed and rate at which we’re manifesting, at the speed and rate in which this is coming, so we think we’re going to do more. If that doing more brings us even further out of alignment. It feels nasty. It creates even more doubt, more overwhelm, more of a burden or worry, or takes us out of balance with the other things that are important to our life. If it takes us further away from joy, it is slowing down the process of manifestation of attracting to us the things that we want.

Our heads are going, “Do more hustle, girl.” What’s really happening is you’re stopping the flow of positive energy by putting up negativity blocks because you’re filling up your cup with negative emotions. We need to change up all that stuff. We need to start by saying, “What does success look like to you?” If you have never defined success in terms of your emotional GPS, then you’re probably defining it as busyness or productivity where as long as you had a productive day doing a bunch of busy work, you’re like, “I was productive now. I’ve got things done for my business.” I want you to go deeper than that. Did you change a life? Did you move somebody? Did you connect with somebody? Did you serve? Did you make an impact? Did you feel good? Did you feel joy? Did you feel bliss? Did you feel high on life?

When you start paying attention to the things that you do in your business that make you feel that way, you’re probably going to find that they have something to do with making a difference and that’s why I asked those questions first. What did you do that felt good? If you’re not doing things in your business that feel good, I’m going to tell you that’s why it’s taken so long because you were not aligned with the energy of abundance. That abundant energy feels amazing. It feels like the best concert ever. It feels like you’re so full of excitement, you’re bursting.

You have a day like that and you want to call everyone you know. You want to call your husband, your boyfriend, your best friend and say, “I just had the best day.” That’s the day that you turned the dance music on loud and you are shaking your booty while you’re cooking dinner and nothing anybody does or says can bring you down because you are high flying. You’ve had those days. You know what I’m talking about. Those are the days where you are in alignment. Sometimes it lasts a minute, sometimes an hour. Sometimes you can make that feeling stretch all day long. The days where you have goosebumps because you’re like, “I can’t believe my life is so good. Everything is amazing.” You’re in alignment.

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That should be your benchmark of what a successful day in business looks like. If you can have more of those, everything else will get easy. Make decisions based on that. If you’re not sure what that is, let’s talk about step two, brainstorm all the things you can do in your business to move it forward. These might look like marketing efforts. These might look like behind-the-scenes things that you need to do. These might look like I’m reaching out, going to networking events, calling somebody, promoting yourself online. It might look like an organization. It might be as simple as some startup things like going and getting the bank account or something like that, but what are all of those things you can possibly do in your business? Make a list of them all, everything until you run out of ideas. Some are going to be scary, some are going to be easy, some are going to be fun and exciting, and some are going to be boring.

After you’ve made that list, go to step three. Tune in to how each one of those things feels. What you’re going to find is some of those items on your list, those potential actions that you could be taking are exciting and you’re inspired to do them. They might be a little bit scary and out of your comfort zone. There may be a little confidence building that you need to do to work up to having everything you need within you to take that action step. One of the things on your list is you want to start speaking in public, but you’re like, “No, that’s scary.” What are some inspired action steps you can take to move closer, to move into that space where that feels more comfortable, doable and realistic for you? Add those things to your list. You’re also going to find that there are things on that list that are shoulds.

When you look at it, you are not inspired at all. You feel like you should do it. Other people have done it, it’s worked for them so it should work for me too or it’s going to look like busy work. You’re motivated to do this to either check it off your list or because you’re afraid of the consequences of not doing it. Are those consequences real? Not always. That’s the tricky thing. Sometimes we have made up consequences, made up beliefs. If we don’t do a webinar, nobody is going to show up because webinars are all the rage. We’re motivated to figure out how to do webinars to build our list even though we’re not inspired to do it. The fear of missing out on the potential market share that webinars could bring in is the driving force, is the motivator. That is what I want you to be careful of. Are you motivated by fear of missing out, fear of regrets? Are you inspired by the way that this idea or this action will make you feel and how it will connect you to your tribe in your business?

PPP 131 | Source Of Energy

Source Of Energy: The more in alignment you are with your truth, the more lives you are going to be able to change.


If you can differentiate between the two, you will never ever question what to do to move your business forward. This is a strange concept for some people and it’s difficult, especially if you have been in the pattern of busy work and productivity for a long time. A lot of the time, why we do that is because we’re afraid to feel what’s going on. We’re afraid to acknowledge the fear that we have inside to take those other actions, “I’m afraid to speak in public, so I’m going to avoid taking any action toward learning that skill or building confidence in that area. Instead, I’m going to focus all my energy and attention into another avenue. I’m going to focus all my energy and attention into webinars and I’m going to try that instead. Even though webinars don’t inspire me.

I actually have no desire to do a webinar ever in my whole life, but there’s something deep inside me, a calling that is calling me to go speak on a stage. When I envision my future, I see myself speaking onstage. I see myself afterwards talking to people, hugging them and having that face-to-face interaction with them. That moment that feels good to me and it’s inspiring. Scary as hell, but it’s inspiring. This webinar thing, not so much, but this seems easier. This seems like I could scale with this thing. Instead of doing the thing I want to do, I’m going to spend all my time and energy doing the thing I should do. I don’t want to do, but the motivation for it is there because it just seems easier. It seems like the right thing to do.”

Do you see the difference there? I know you have those in your business too. Pay attention to what they are and you’ll find them by taking yourself through this list. Identify what feels good to you so that you know when you’re feeling bliss. You’ll know when you’re in alignment. Pay attention to when you have those moments so that you recognize them in the future when they come. When you start to pay attention and you start to take actions in your business that move you closer to that aligned energetic state, when it moves you closer to bliss you’re going to be like, “This is what Tonya was talking about. This is what I’m supposed to be doing. I get it.” That mindset muscle, that decision-making muscle is going to get stronger. The more you do the stuff that feels good, the easier it’s going to recognize what feels good and to do more of it. The more you do, the longer you’re going to be able to stretch out those moments into hours, into days. The longer you’re there, the easier everything gets. You’re opening that channel of abundance. You’re opening it up for more clients, more of the right clients, more money, more of the opportunities, more of the moments in your business that feel amazing. That’s what I want for you. It is that simple, that easy. You deserve that.

That’s what you came here for. You’re on this Earth to serve. There is something inside of you, a light that’s burning, a fire. You’re passionate about your business for a reason. You chose this for a reason. That reason is to make an impact, to make a difference and I know that about you. If that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t be here right now. The more in alignment you are with your truth, with that fire, that light inside of you, the more lives you are going to be able to change, the bigger of an impact you’re going to make and as a result, the more money will flow into your bank account.

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I want you to think about that. If you need to sit down with yourself and spend ten minutes doing this exercise, go through those three steps and then reach out to me. Let me know how you feel about it, how it’s working for you and let’s connect. I’m here to help you in all the ways so that you can experience all the feels. I just blew your mind with some source energy alignment stuff. I hope I did. I hope that was enough food for thought for you to make a little bit of a shift in your business and move yourself a little bit closer to alignment. Thank you once again for spending time with me. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with you and I cannot wait to spend time with you again.

This seems like a good time to tell you that I have a lot of fun stuff planned on my Facebook page. If you are not following me there, go to Facebook, do a search for Tonya.Rineer and follow me there. We have so many fun challenges coming up around self-worth and self-promotion and how to get back into alignment with your business so that you can make the money flow a whole lot easier. If that seems something you’re interested in, definitely come over and hang out. Until then, I will see you back here on the Profit Party Podcast.

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