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In this episode we are talking about angel numbers. I love angel numbers because to me they serve as an anchor or a reminder to not only check my thoughts and tune into my vibration but they are little messages from my angels or spirit guides or the Universe that are kind of like a parent saying good job honey or giving me a pat on the back to let me know I’m on the right track. I just love that feeling and I’m sure you do too which is why you are going to love this conversation.

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What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are nothing more than a series of numbers that you continue to see in succession. So if you have ever looked at the clock and you’ve noticed that it was 11:11 and then a little later in the day you looked again and it’s 1:11 and then later on you’re driving in your car and you happen to look over at a road sign and you notice that it’s exit 111 and you’re like what is up with these ones? What is the Universe trying to tell me?
Well it’s the Universe sending you signs to chickity-check your thoughts.

Angel Number One

Seeing ones in concession is a message that simply means pay attention to what you’re thinking about. Your thoughts determine your vibration and your vibration creates your reality. So in those moments where you see ones in succession stop, pause and pay attention.
What were you just thinking about? Were your thoughts contributing to your higher vibe or alignment? Were they getting you closer to your goals or were they taking you further away from them? Were they serving you or were they not serving you? If they weren’t, you now have brought them into your conscious awareness. You are given the choice: continue to think those negative thoughts or switch it up and think something positive. Reverse the momentum from something negative to something positive because manifestation.
All good things happen when you feel good not when you feel bad. So if your thoughts are causing you to feel bad, switch them up get yourself back into positive thinking thoughts so that you can feel good and manifest what you want.

Angel Number Two

What happens when you see twos in succession? It’s 2:22 or phone numbers that you’re seeing have a bunch of twos in them or an address that you’re looking for and typing into your GPS has a bunch of twos. If you keep seeing twos that is a message from your guides and your angels to let you know that your prayers have been heard and they are working on bringing them to you. It means that the seeds of your desire have been planted. It’s in the early stages but to have no fear, not to worry, not to doubt; to have faith that they have been heard and they are working. It’s gonna take a minute. Trust in divine timing and know that at this point you’ve done what you can and your job now is to maintain your vibe so that when they have done everything to bring your desire or your wish to you that you are ready to receive it.
The only way you can be ready to receive it is if you are in a high-five place.

Angel Number Three

If you are seeing threes in succession, that is a message from your guides and angels that all things are working out for you. You can help out the process by tapping into your creative, social or communicative powers you have, gifts you have, gifts of connection and of understanding, of being a good listener, of being a good communicator, of having some empathy – whatever it is.
What are those gifts that help you to connect to other human beings? This is the time to use them, so pay attention. Have you been avoiding something – maybe that’s your cue to stop avoiding and to step into your power and use your gifts for good.

Angel Number Four

If you’re seeing fours, there’s a good chance that you are being really stubborn right now. You need help but you are refusing to ask for it. Maybe you’re too proud; maybe you’re just really, really independent and asking for help is just not something that’s comfortable for you.
Well, your angels are telling you to knock it off. It’s time to ask for help. Help is available for you. This is time to slow down, to articulate where your frustrations are and to ask your guides and angels for help in this matter. The answers are all around you. You don’t have to suffer in silence alone.
You don’t have to continue to feel foggy and unclear about what the next step is. Meditate, pray, ask for help. They are right next to you right now, waiting to give you those answers. But they cannot give them to you until you’ve asked. That’s what fours are reminding you of – they are there to help you and they’re waiting for you to ask.

Angel Number Five

if you’re seeing fives, that means that changes are coming. Brace yourself because good things are about to happen.
This place is about to blow. That’s what fives are saying.
What is gonna happen? I don’t know but it’s gonna be good. Get ready. Get excited because it is on the brink of happening.

136- Angel Numbers: What Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Tell You: Angel numbers serve as a reminder to check your thoughts and tune into your vibration. They are little messages from your angels or the Universe.


Angel Number Six

If you’re seeing sixes, some things are unbalanced. You’ve been focusing a little bit too much on material things and as a result you were way out of alignment with your spirituality and your life harmony and balance. You need to get it back in check. You can do this really easily by meditating and focusing on what it is that you’re grateful for. You can do this by sharing a gift of love or appreciation with somebody else, like writing a thank-you letter, calling somebody to say, “Hey, I love you. is I don’t expect anything in return. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.” You need to get yourself back into balance and take the focus off of the material world and back into a place of alignment with love, joy, appreciation and gratitude.

Angel Number Seven

If you are seeing sevens, sevens are a beautiful number that means success in luck. In all good things it means that you are on the right path. It’s a sign from your angels and guides to keep up the good work. Good things are coming your way.

Angel Number Eight

If you’re seeing eights, that means prosperity and abundance is right around the corner. It’s the money sign. Money is flowing to you right now – open up your purse and your bank account, baby because it’s about to fill up!

Angel Number Nine

If you are seeing nines, that is a sign that you are connected to your life’s purpose and you are on the right spiritual path. It means that you are doing exactly what you should be doing and that you are in alignment with your potential and your purpose. If you’re seeing nines, you’re probably experiencing a little bit of deja vu I’m guessing too because those things usually happen together.

Angel Number Zero

If you are seeing zeros, that’s a sign that everything that you have been working on has come full circle. All of your dreams have harvested. You are in spiritual alignment with God, in source, in the Universe, in your higher power.
Everything is just amazing right now and this is a time to just sit, relax and enjoy what you’ve created with the Universe and what you’ve built around your life. Just sit and enjoy the feeling of abundance and prosperity and joy and happiness because that’s the whole point of life. If you’re seeing zeros, it means you’re home. You’ve made it! Congratulations! Good job!
There is nothing to do right now but enjoy what you’ve created.

136- Angel Numbers: What Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Tell You: Angel numbers serve as a reminder to check your thoughts and tune into your vibration. They are little messages from your angels or the Universe.

The reason I am such a huge fan of angel numbers and the reason I talk about them a lot –  I rely on them a lot, actually – is because let’s just face it we are not always in control of our vibration 100%, 24 hours a day. We have unconscious thoughts that trigger us. We have external factors that trigger us.
When these triggers happen, we can be immediately thrust into a low vibe place. Sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening because we’re not paying attention, because we’re busy, because we have lives. We get it. That’s how it works, right? But when you were going about your busy day and you’re going through the motions and you’re working and you’re taking care of the kids and you’re doing all the things, you will start to notice these numbers.
When you know what they mean, you can decipher the message that your angels and guides are trying to give you. They’re with you all the time and these numbers are a reminder that they are there. They are a way to send a message to you to slow down and to check in with yourself and pay attention to the thoughts that you’re thinking, to the feelings that you’re feeling in this moment and make corrections as needed. If you find that you are in fact off course, this is a perfect opportunity to course-correct and get back on track to a positive vibe, a positive mindset and start to manifest more positive results.
It’s a beautiful thing.
If you love angel numbers as much as I do, feel free to share this episode with a friend so that they know exactly what all these angel numbers mean too. It’ll be really fun to see which messages are coming through to you both.

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