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If you’ve ever had a call with a client to see if they were a “fit” only to get off the phone wondering if they’ll be back… OR… If you’ve ever worked with clients who you thought was a perfect fit, only to discover that you weren’t a match at all… this episode is for you!

Like most things in life, I’ve learned my most valuable lessons the hard way. In business, those lessons can be extremely expensive (and tough) to learn.

Learn From My Experience (& Mistakes) and Skip the Painful Learning Curve

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned, when it comes to creating happy client relationships, was learning how to educate them up front so that they know exactly what to expect during the course of working together.

The Secret to Keeping Clients Happy is Actually Pretty Simple

If you want to attract (and keep) more happy clients, you absolutely must learn to properly set clear boundaries and expectations before you begin working together!

To learn how to do this effectively (and learn from my own mistakes on what not to do), tune in to today’s episode:

See? It’s actually pretty simple to start your relationship off on great terms. It just takes a few minutes up front to ensure that all your cards are on the table.

What Exactly Does this Look Like in Your Business?

If you’re not sure what exactly needs to be said, what questions to ask, or how to set clear boundaries and expectations for your particular business, let’s talk!

We can have a quick 15 minute call, to see where you’re at and if I can be helpful.

We’ll talk about how we can work together to get you attracting the right clients, on-boarding them properly, and making sure that the entire working relationship is a win-win for everybody.

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