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Everyone raves about the power of affirmations, but they don't work for you because you feel like you're just lying to yourself, right? I totally get it!

Affirmations are designed to "trick" your mind into believing that what you want in the future is happening now in the present.

When you can get into the right mindset, affirmations are insanely powerful and work wonders on helping us shift to a more positive state.

But when we don't buy the words we're saying, they can actually do more harm than good causing you to spiral down into a whirlwind of negative thinking.

Which is why I created Braffirmations... a twist on the old way of doing affirmations that combines what you want in the FUTURE with what you need to feel is happening in the PRESENT and supporting that statement with PAST experiences.

Trust me... they are pretty darn cool!

Check out this video where I explain exactly what I mean and how you can try them for yourself!


[0:22] Tonya explains why she created braffirmations.

[1:18] Why traditional affirmations sometimes don't work.

[1:47] What braffirmations are, why they work and how to use them.

[2:32] Examples of braffirmations that you can start using today.

A braffirmation is just a normal affirmation with a little extra 'support' built in. Click To Tweet


  • By proving to your conscious mind that you desires are coming true, they manifest faster.
  • You can use braffirmations to manifest any desire you want in life and business.
  • Braffirmations help you to feel recognized, appreciated and more connected to the people in your life.


Check out the Beginner's Guide to Affirmations for more info on the traditional way of doing them.

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Braffirmations- Affirmations with a little extra support built in.
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