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Business Coaching

for Coaches, Consultants & Creatives



I’m so excited that you’re here because it means that you’re ready to build a profitable that brings insane value to the clients you serve.

I have a few ways we can work together to build your brand, position you to attract dream clients who are ready to hire you and price your offers so that you never have to worry about money again. . . like EVER!

If you’re ready to do this thing—like yesterday—I totally get it!

You were lead here for a reason. You’re ready to start making the money you deserve for the value you bring to the table. And I’m ready to help you get focused, take action and make those dreams financial abundance a reality!

How we can work together:


If you’re struggling pricing your services, raising your rates to charge what you’re really worth or communicating the value of your offers to your clients . . .

Let’s Makeover Your Pricing Strategy!

  • VIP Day – We’ll spend the day together to work on your pricing strategy. We’ll set profit goals (and get you paying yourself if you’re not already). Then, I’ll help you identify areas of where you can add value to your offers, we’ll create a pricing strategy you feel good.
  • We’ll dig into the money mindset of pricing, too, and how to communicate your value with ease. You’ll walk away with the confidence to charge what your services are worth!
  • You will also have peace of mind knowing that I’ll be there for you with 30 days of additional support for follow-up questions, mindset coaching, and accountability as you implement your new pricing strategy.

How it works:

  1. Complete your payment.
  2. Select a day for your VIP Session.
  3. I’ll call you to talk about what you need to get ready for our VIP Day!


This is a group coaching program for coaches, consultants and creatives who have been in business for a year or more and are ready to:

  • Charge what your services are really worth.
  • Feel confident talking about your services and why they are so amazing!
  • Position yourself online to become a magnet for ideal clients who are ready to buy
  • Sell without having to actually sell (I’m not kidding, with the approach I teach you, you’ll have prospects clients begging to work with you)!
  • Deliver so much value that your clients tell everyone about you (Hello referrals, goodbye marketing hustle!).

If you’re ready to build a business that is capable of bringing in $8-10k each month. . . you’re ready for Value-Based Offers!

Enrollment Opens September 2021

Space is Limited to 12 Members and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.


If you’ve got a specific goal in mind, or you need all the business help you can get and you love the idea having an expert at your beck and call, helping you make every decision in your business—from which logo to go with to how to prep for the sales call you have on Monday to what to post on social media to attract your ideal clients,—let’s talk about customizing a coaching package that is the perfect fit for you!

Some of the things we can focus on in one-to-one coaching are:


  • Business Clarity & Strategy
  • Packaging, Pricing and Selling Your Coaching Services
  • Creating a Professional Online Presence – Branding, Website Design, etc.
  • Content Marketing, Sales Funnels, Social Media Strategies, Email List Building, etc.

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No problem! Let’s hop on a call and figure it out together!

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