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Hey girlfriend! You’re here because you want to manifest some moolah, but it just isn’t happening.

First, let me explain, the reason you are not manifesting has 100% everything in the world with your vibe and nothing else.

Your vibe controls everything when it comes to manifestation. When we talk about the universal laws of vibration, everything has a frequency. If you want to attract something to you like a magnet – the things that vibrate in the same frequency as abundance -, you have to get into that vibe yourself. You have to align yourself energetically with the frequency of abundance.

Today, we’re gonna talk about how to create the space to actually manifest your desires.


The reason people struggle so much is that they are thinking, “I want this. I desire this.” They speak it, but their vibe and point of attraction is not an energetic match for the words they are speaking. They’re talking about having a successful business and soulmate clients, but they are actually feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and tired. If you’re burnt out you’re attracting more of that.

You are always communicating with the universe and it brings you what it hears you ask for. It isn’t the words it’s listening for but your energy.

You control your vibe

Right now, you are probably in go-go-go, push-push-push, give-give-give mode.

You are hustlin’ and working yourself to the bone.

You are doing-doing-doing for other people and putting yourself last even when your body says stop.

You’re forcing ideas even though you are not feeling creative.

What all of that does is kill your vibe.

You are doing the opposite of what you need to be doing to manifest what it is that you want.

Here’s a practical example. Imagine you are in forest pushing through and pushing branches away.  That’s what you’re doing in push mode. But when you are receiving, you are pulling things toward you. It is the opposite motion.

There is abundance all around you. It is as abundant as air. You just have to stop long enough to enjoy it all around you. Hug it into you.

Are you in push mode?

If it’s difficult for you to tell if you are in push mode or if you are in receive mode, here are some things to look for.

You are pushing abundance away if:

  • There is no time for yourself. You are consumed with giving and doing for everyone else.
  • Your brain won’t shut off. What’s next? What more can I do?
  • You feel lazy when you aren’t hustling.
  • You have idea overload and are not implementing.
  • You can’t remember last time you relaxed or had fun or don’t know what gives you joy and passion.

Create space in your life

The universe is trying to bring you everything you desire and more. It’s chasing you but you won’t sit still long enough to receive it. Like a lost child at the store, running around looking for their parents, you are running around looking for the universe. The key to making manifestation work for you is to create the space.

Create space by:

  • Scheduling an appointment with yourself.
  • Leave the house.
  • Get an accountability partner who will make sure you take the space for yourself.
  • Get back into flow – that activity that makes you irresponsible and lose track of time.

So many people that are taught to hustle think that putting themselves first is counterproductive and selfish. They think it takes away from the time and energy to make their dream work. It’s a balance. Too much of one thing eliminates the other.

Too much hustle takes you out of bliss and flow.

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  • 0:36 The reason you are not manifesting has 100% everything in the world to do with your vibe and nothing else.
  • 2:24 It is your emotions and your energy that attracts to your reality.
  • 2:45 The universe does not speak English, it speaks vibration.
  • 4:25 You are in the opposite of receiving mode. You are in hustle/push mode.
  • 9:22 I want you to get back to that inner child that makes you lose all track of the rules of the world; that makes you shed the judgment, the doubt, the worry, the obsession, the need to hustle, the desperation for more; and connect with what makes you happy and what lights you up.


If you need help in raising your vibe and make a commitment to abundance and reprograming your money mindset, check out Money Vibes and learn more.


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