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Creative visualization is one of my favorite tools for mindset, transformation, and manifestation. Manifesting money, clients, and success with creative visualization is super easy! Of course, if you need help in raising your vibe and making a commitment to abundance and reprograming your money mindset, you can always check out my program Money Vibes.

Let’s dig into the steps to using creative visualization to manifest money, clients and success. You can start these visualizations today.

Creative visualization allows you to align yourself with the energy of love and connection.

Before you begin, have a general idea of what you want and how it’s going to feel, and then all you do from that point is relax because focus is key here.

Get in the zone. Do three minutes or five minutes of just a progressive relaxation or a quick meditation just to get yourself into a phase.

Begin your creative visualization, closing your eyes and daydreaming.

Paint the details, as much detail as possible, and then tap into the way that you feel.

Feel yourself with ease and grace, just flowing through this situation or this scenario. There’s no resistance, there is no negative emotion whatsoever. Pay attention and notice the different emotions that you’re feeling.

Be aware of the emotions and the vibe and the energy in your daydream.

Use your creative visualization often. Do it in the shower a couple of minutes every morning to start your day, a couple of minutes every night to prep for the next day, you will become a boss at creative visualization and you are going to see how amazing this is for manifesting what it is that you want in your life. It is an awesome tool.

It’s just one of many that I teach in Money Vibes but it is one of my favorite, which is why I had to share it with you. I challenge you to do this all this week. Pick one topic, one scenario, and visualize that same situation in your mind every day for the next seven days. If you want to hear more about creative visualization, check out this old podcast episode The Magic Art of Daydreaming.

Listen to the podcast:

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