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Thoughts create reality. Your thoughts determine your vibration because they create feelings and emotional responses within you. They have the ability to make or break your vibration. When you think positive thoughts and your emotions are positive in response, you are sending that vibration out into the universe and what comes back to you is positive as well such abundance, money, love, joy, happiness, and freedom, everything that you desire that are high vibe emotions. The same is true for negative thoughts. They bring you down into the abyss of darkness. As soon as you start thinking negative things, it triggers a chain reaction of negative feelings and reinforces those limiting beliefs that are buried deep in our core. Learn how you can start changing those beliefs and challenge your negative thoughts to start creating reality with thoughts by choosing what you want to think and deciding what you want your thoughts to be.

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Determining Vibration And Creating Reality With Thoughts

In this episode, we’re talking about thoughts and we’re talking about this because it’s so important. Thoughts are things. Thoughts create your reality. The thoughts you think on the inside determine your vibration, because thoughts create feelings. They create an emotional response within you. They are the tipping point. They have the ability to make or break your vibration. Thoughts can lift you up into a positive high vibe place in which you manifest positive high vibe things. Everything you desire and more; abundance, money, love, joy, happiness, freedom, those are all high vibe emotions. When you think positive thoughts and your emotions are positive, in response, you are sending that vibration out into the universe and what comes back to you is positive as well.

The same is true for negative thoughts. They bring you down into the abyss of darkness and you and I both know this. As soon as you start thinking negative things like, “I’m so fat, I’m so broke,” all it does is trigger a train reaction of negative feelings, of not being good enough. Not feeling like you’re enough, not having any control or power over your life, which creates even more negative thoughts, more negative feelings. It reinforces those limiting beliefs that are buried so deep in our core. If we want to start changing those beliefs, we’ve got to start them to surface, positive language, positive thoughts.

The truth is you can’t have one without the other. Your language puts into words what it is that you’re thinking and feeling. It helps you to become more aware of it. The thoughts are what is happening on the inside. That’s your self-talk and that is what contributes to the feelings which affects your vibe and vice versa. We really want to start at those outside layers and start digging in and noticing when we have a negative thought so that we can challenge it and change it. Let’s take for instance what happens when you think the thought, “I’m fat.” Maybe you look in the mirror, your butt’s a little big, you’re not fitting into the jeans the same way or the bathing suit the same way and the first thought that comes to mind is, “I’m fat,” and because I’m speaking to women, I think we can all relate to this.

The negative self-image when it comes to your body is pretty universal and relatable. When you have that initial thought, what happens? It causes you to feel maybe frumpy, feel guilty perhaps over some of the decisions that you’ve made in the past. Maybe you immediately start thinking about all the cakes you’ve been eating or the disregard for exercise and you’ve punished yourself a little bit, which starts to create a chain reaction. You start thinking, “I’m unattractive. I’m not as pretty as I used to be,” which makes you feel undesirable, which confirms the belief that you are not pretty enough, that you’re not doing enough to keep up your appearance.

What happens when we take away the word pretty or attractive out of that statement, “I’m not enough.” These thoughts are crippling your self-worth. Don’t you think for a hot second that if you look in the mirror and you have that thought of, “I’m fat or my butt is too big,” that that doesn’t show up in your business. Because when you get to that root belief and you start confirming that belief, “I am not enough,” that belief manifests in your business. It shows up in the way that you show up. It affects your relationships. It hinders your ability to be confident in the way you present yourself, the way you talk to clients, the way that you put your offers out there. It hinders your confidence with money.

PPP 119 | Creating Reality With Thoughts

Creating Reality With Thoughts: Thoughts are things. Thoughts create your reality.

It can persuade you to play it safe rather than taking risks because deep down you feel like you were not enough. You need to take action with that in mind and avoid fear and pain. You feel like a fraud because deep down, you don’t feel like you’re smart enough. Everyone’s going to see that. Everyone’s going to finally see past the facade and know that you are not enough. It can show up in thoughts that you think about your health, your personal relationships, the way that you respect and take care of yourself. Do you put yourself first or do you put yourself last? It can show up in the way that you think about money and your financial situation. Are you thinking, “I’m broke,” and does that make you feel restricted, like you lack choices and options? Maybe you’re presented with an opportunity, but because you think,“I don’t have enough money,” you say no, and that feels crappy to have to say no and miss out on that opportunity. Then you start thinking, “I’ll never be successful. I’ll never have enough money. I’ll never be the rich, successful women that I want to be.”

As a result, the feelings that are triggered are feelings of inferiority, of not feeling like you are successful enough, accomplished enough, which again reinforces that belief, “I’m not enough.” You are enough right now. You’re pretty enough. Your body is rocking. If you’ve got a booty, that’s all right. I want to teach you to think of it in a different way. If you’re momentary struggling financially, it’s important to remember that it’s momentary, it’s temporary, and that it too shall pass. This is what I want you to do. I want you to decide what you want your thoughts to be. What do you want to think about yourself? Do you want to think, “I am beautiful, I am abundant, I am attractive, I am successful?” Choose your thoughts. Choose what you want to think. These are things that you want to believe about yourself, but simply they start as thoughts. They sound a lot like affirmations. There’s a reason for that.

Once you decide what it is that you want to think, you’ll know then when a thought pops into your head that contradicts your positive thought, the thought you’re choosing to believe. You’ll have a thought that is something contrary to, “I am beautiful.” You want to think I’m beautiful, but when the thought I am fat pumps into your head, your job at that point is to notice it and challenge it. At that point, you have an argument with that thought and go, “That’s interesting that I just had that thought, but it’s not true. I’m not fat. My booty is not too big. I am beautiful. I’m curvy. I am bootylicious.” You have a belief deep down that something else is better. Skinny is better, perhaps. You’ve been comparing yourself to the supermodels for a long time and you think they are the epitome of beauty and because you don’t match them, that’s not you. That’s BS. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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I want you to then prove that your new belief is true. “I am beautiful.” How do you know that? Who has told you you’re beautiful? Who do you know that’s beautiful that also has a bootylicious booty? Think about all those people out in the world that are shaped differently and are very attractive and have this amazing, incredible glow about them. They have amazing energy and that energy is magnetic. Their body does not determine their worth. They do and so do you.

I want you to look in the mirror after you’ve noticed the negative thought and you started to challenge it. I want you to back it up, to prove it with proof in your own world so you can go externally and say, “Who else do I know that’s beautiful, that’s curvy?” You can find it out there, but then it’s important that you bring it home. You look in the mirror and you look at yourself and go, “Girlfriend, you are beautiful. You are sexy. You are looking hot today.” Look at yourself, send yourself love. Look for the attributes about you that you do admire. What is it about your body that you appreciate and you love? Stop focusing on the flaws or what you presumed to be flaws and focus on what’s amazing. By proving it and backing it up, you are adding something solid to the backend of that information. “I am beautiful and I know this because I have got beautiful eyes. My arms are shaped very nicely. My legs are lean or tan or my toenails are gorgeous.” I don’t care what it is, it doesn’t matter. Sit in and find as many things about yourself as you can and appreciate them.

When you combine that affirmation, that thought with some proof, you’re creating affirmation with proof, super simple. That is what resonates. That changes your vibe and that helps you to manifest what you like, what you desire, what you want. It all starts with your vibration and that vibration is determined by your thoughts. Let’s take a look at money. If your dominant thought that you want to think about yourself is, “I am abundant,” but that negative thought of, “I’m broke, I don’t have enough,” pops into your head, challenge it right there and be like, “I notice this thought. I see you. I acknowledge you, but I’m not going to let you win. I’m not going to keep you around. You’ve got to go because what’s real is I am abundant. I’m paying off my credit cards. I paid cash, I pay my rents. I just paid to get my hair done. I have $3,000 in the bank. I am abundant. I am not broke. I am successful. I just landed an awesome client. I am experienced. It’s amazing to me every day that I know more in my industry or my specific niche than other people, and that’s why I’m valuable and I’m able to help.”

It’s super simple, you acknowledge the negative thoughts and challenge it. Just to recap, I want you to pick one area of your life. What are you trying to improve right now? Pick a happy, positive thought. What do you want to think? By picking a thought that is positive, you will then notice when a thought contradicts it. You have to become aware, that’s step one. Step two, when a negative thought comes into your mind, challenge it, acknowledge it, and release it. Let it go. “I’m not going to keep you. You’ve got to go.” Then replace it with a positive thought.

PPP 119 | Creating Reality With Thoughts

Creating Reality With Thoughts: Stop focusing on the flaws or what you presumed to be flaws and focus on what’s amazing.

Step three is find proof. Bring that positive thought home. Make it applicable to you in your situation so that you can take back the control of your thoughts and your vibe. Because when you bring it back home, it changes your feelings. You start to feel better. You start to feel more confident, empowered better about yourself. That changes your vibration and that changes your life because remember, you are your thoughts. What’s going out on the inside is what creates your reality on the outside. Do you want to manifest beautiful, wonderful, amazing, abundant things? Then check your thoughts, and when you notice them, flip the switch and choose something better. Because you are enough, you are experienced, you are beautiful, you are successful, you are resourceful, and you are loved.

I love you to pieces. I’m Tonya Rineer, Money Mindset Maven and Law of Attraction coach for women entrepreneurs, and it has been my absolute pleasure hanging out with you in this episode. If you love this episode, please share it with your friends and come back and hang out with me again. Have an amazing abundant week.


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